The public beta firmware of Android 5.1 for FiiO X7(FW3.0beta) is coming!
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C. However, there are still some unsolved bugs on the FW3.0 Beta version:
- Some display picture still missing from 'Artist' menu (no such problem in 'Music' 'Album' etc.) 
- Track number in some albums still incorrect
*Fixed after restart a device*
New Glitch
- Not support Thai font in Fiio Music app (displayed as ?????????)
- Fiio Music app scanning folder speed is horribly low
- Transfer data between internal storage and PC is very slow. Took me almost 2 hours to transfer 22 GB music to an internal storage.
- Same Artist name but split folder? (pic below)

I believe Fiio Music app somehow split same artist from SD card and internal memory into different folder
- Fiio Music app can't find some songs even it is internal memory and songs number is counted (pic below)

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  Awesome! Downloading now...
Update went smoothly and now reformatting my microSD and doing factory reset, wipe cache partition (just to be sure)
- Settings, Button Mapping, Button Mapping - Why is there an extra menu step to go into for this? (Same as with the previous firmware) I think it's better if this was changed to Settings, Button Mapping (Only)
- Start-up seems faster now.
- SERIOUS ISSUE - in both Pure Music and Android Modes, when the screen is off, only the Power Button works - the rest (Volume Up and Down, Next and Prev Track and Pause) physical buttons doesn't work! So you have to turn on the screen to change volumes and/or tracks and/or pause music.

Hi, karlolil.
Thanks for your feedback to the new firmware FW3.0Beta.
1. Settings, Button Mapping, Button Mapping
Pls note that, it indeed can not be changed in Android 4.4.4. but I will pass your feedback to our software engineers who will assess whether it can be changed on Android 5. 
2. Please go access to "Settings" -> "Security" -> "Screen lock", then pls change "None" to other settings, such as "Swipe". After done, pls test the physical buttons again when the screen is off.
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Hi, karlolil.
Thanks for your feedback to the new firmware FW3.0Beta.

2. Please go access to "Settings" -> "Security" -> "Screen lock", then pls change "None" to other settings, such as "Swipe". After done, pls test the physical buttons again when the screen is off.

I always don't have any lock screen in my X7 - and the issue is still there.

Just tested it with Swipe - issue is still present.
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Sometimes I can't play music files on sd card using pure music mode when I first turn X7 on
X7 shows the files are there but just will not play any files on card (mp3, flac or DSD)
but it still plays files on internal memory.
Switch to android mode or turn X7 off and on and files can then be played.
There is less bass with new firmware, tried EQ but first 2 sliders (31 & 62) don't make any difference to sound 125 slider makes a small increase to bass
Lots of clicking noises with AM2 amp when first switched on and also when music is paused
scanning for music in fiio app takes a looooooooooooooooooooooong looooooooooooooooooooong time lol
Putting music files on internal memory takes even longer.
So far no major issues just a few small bugs

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Originally Posted by FiiO-Shadow /img/forum/go_quote.gif
8. Why is there no settings option when pulling down the settings menu?
The Android 5.1 system comes with two levels of pulling down; pulling for the first time to display the notifications bar and pulling for the second time for the settings shortcuts.

Pulling down with two separate fingers one time fort the settings shortcuts.
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Swiftkey not run in Pure Music mode.
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In Fiio Music app

- the search function doesn't work. What happens is when you hit the magnifying glass, then search for anything that you like, hit enter - it will only create a second line. It doesn't execute the search.

- music skips a few seconds when you hit pause and then hit play a few milliseconds later. This happens with both flac and mp3 in any bit rate. The timer on the player will count correctly but the music will skip and doesn't continue to where you paused it.
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Albuns with tracks in a single file separated with .cue, when you browse and open an artist, tracks show correctly for all albuns.
But then, IF you select the album icon and open the album folder, the tracks are NOT there, only the last tracks appears...
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I added a new album to SD card
Scanned for Music and "0 tracks added" !?
Verified everything ok with tracks, didn't know how to solve it so did a "Reset Database", scanned again and it only detected 40 tracks out of +1400, all music "Disappeared" !!!??? Reboot, etc. nothing... then I remembered after the upgrade the scan was done in Android mode and now I was in pure music mode - switched modes, scan and voliá, everything back again.
Bottom line: Incremental load in Pure Music mode has a problem.
My 2 cents

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