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New Head-Fier
Mar 30, 2002
This is my first, and probably last time posting here. I'm not a major audiophile by any means. But a few days ago, I was considering getting some new headphones, and I found this site by random on a google search.

After reading for a while, I decided on the HD-202's because of the price, and the quality would be good enough for someone like me who isn't majorly into audio equipment. Went down to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square (I had no idea they even had headphones until I saw some posts here), and got it for $30. I have to say these truly kick the ass of the $20 cheap pieces of crap I used to get at places like CompUSA.

My only slight complaint is that the bass is a little heavy on these, but the feel and sound quality is nice. I just felt I should drop by and thank you guys for this community and indirectly helping me get these headphones.

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