Thanks for the DT770 recommendations, they are great!
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Aug 11, 2009
I posted about a month ago about what headphones to get, and I started off looking at the d2000's, but being a bass head, I was pointed toward the DT770's. This was my first adventure into high-grade headphones, so I dident know what to expect when I bought them...

Anyway, im powering them with a decent sound card in my computer thats connected to a Onkyo tx-ds555 receiver with a optical connection. I must say, this provides PLENTY of power haha.

Well when I first unboxed the dt770's, they had a very nice new smell to them... cool. and personally, I think the velour pads contrast good with the black cups and headband... plus they are comfy and cool! My ears don't get hot, even after a few hours of gaming.

The build quality is very good to say the least. All metal headband, and strong plastic cups. All the mounting points seem sturdy, and the wire is strong and feels quality. They did a great job with these! (And all for $160!). I really wouldn't be afraid to take them places in a backpack.

Now for the audio... when I first unboxed it, I went right to playing them. When I first tried them, I have to admit, it sounded cheap. Weak bass and agressive highs, I was disapointed. After about 20 min. of listening, I put them down and decided to let my excitement wear off till tommorow and try again.

The next day, I put them on and it actually sounded better! Still not what I expected... but better. So I decided to actually do some break in, and let them play for about 2 hours. What a good idea that was!

When I got back and tired them, they shocked me! With trance or dance music, they were vibrating on my head! Its really as good as I could imagine getting bass-wise with any pair of headphones... punchy and powerful! They really are great for bass. Also, the audio quality has continued to get better and better over time, altho at a slowing pace.

Not only that, but they produce crisp, clear highs too. Much better than anything ive herd before, I gotta say im impressed. It made my music sound 5 times better just by putting them on. I think this shows well in "snow" by the red hot chili peppers, the guitar and bass guitar riffs blend together perfect, giving deep bass with the clear highs from the guitar. Mix in the punch from the drums and these headphones preform very well. They fit extremely well with Muse too, and seeing as they are my favorite band, thats great for me =).

Oh, and they work great for gaming, the M249 machine gun in counterstrike sounds awesome! BAM BAM BAM, the punch is very cool, I love it haha. Also, location-ing is very nice too, even tho im just using a straight 2.1 output, the headphones allow me to tell where sounds are coming from very well. behind, to the side, it is very distinctive.

Finally, they work very well for movies too! The opening scene in watchmen with the comedian getting beat up is quite the spectacle with these phones. The Matrix sounds equally well too, and dont get me started on explosions...

Personally, I think these are great all purpose phones, and definably for someone who likes bass. Im sure some may find the bass overpowering, but really I think its just right for me, hell id be cool with a 12 inch sub mounted right on my ass haha.

Well, thats it, just wanted to say thanks! Who knows what I would have bought without the advice that I was given on this forum!

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Nov 27, 2007
I'm glad you're getting so much enjoyment out of them! I remember being somewhat disappointed with my pair as well, but they improved until I now quite enjoy them! Congratulations on your purchase!
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Jun 20, 2009
Although I only had a chance to listen to them for no more than 15 minutes, I was surprised that they did not hurt my ears at all as I have hyperacusis and people here (and it seems to be only here) keep describing them as especially harsh. If I get to audition them again, I'll have to listen to Kraftwerk's "The Model" on them to see what I really think of them as I have not been able to hear that song on any system that sadly does not hurt my ears since my onset of hyperacusis.
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Nov 15, 2008
Mine was harsh when I first got them. I was immediately a dt770 hater. But after awhile, and some tweaks, they grew on me. With a good source and amp theese things acturally sound pretty good. Compared to some of my other cans, they are not great, but for the 100.00 I paid for them, they sound pretty good. They are actually excellent for bass heavy music. Congrats on your purchase.

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