Thank you !
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May 12, 2012
[size=10pt] Not an audiophile myself (but a nerd for details) I've used you knowledge in the past, acquirering home and office audio equipment, searched the forums and [size=10pt]ended up with a dedicated small server-a squeezebox -Trends Audio-and some nice twoways speakers.[/size]
[size=10pt]Now it happend again, b[/size]eing very unsatisfied with the sound of my latest phone (Samsung Galaxy Note not to speak about the IEM's that come with it) i came back to the forums and searched for help, again I trusted you and ended up with a pair of Shure E2C (from Ebay, since I was not sure IEM's could be that good, i still want an external digital DAC when it will be possible to connect it to the phone).
But still I can not explain my gratitude, and the difference in my ears is already more then expected, my journey to work is a now daily pleasure (as walking the dog etc. etc.). 

Just wanted to let you know that i signed up only to thank you (sorry for not contributing). 
best regards and thank you !

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