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TFTA-2100-3V2B EXTRA BASS, sub woofers in my ears!

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  1. Totally Dubbed
    holy...yes yes...these have a HUGE amount of bass 0.0!
    beating any earphone I've heard in the bass department. But the highs and mids are hiding atm. I hope it's a Denon story:
    in other words with burn-in they will shine, and then these will be my favourite in-ears :wink:
    Oh wow - just put the normals in vs the EXTRA bass ones, and you can hear a HUGE difference.
    The S's are less bloated with bass, and are much more open.
    Don't get me wrong still HUGE amount of bass :D
    Will report back when i have more time on these
    If they do improve with burn-in we have a winner lads!
  2. lucozade
    The extra bass ones do open up some in the midrange and treble but need a good 50-100hrs and sound best will a shallow fitting tip ,deep tip insertion deepens the bass even more and darkens the midrange.
  3. Totally Dubbed


    yup they really need to open up...but OMG luco what the hell have you done to me....the bass is SO POUNDING lol
    The TFTA S's are very nice so far!
    I have them both burning in and every now and then I "extract them" for testing
    oh lordyyy just put on some T.I. with amp at max bass (s's)....so controlled long pronounced - not rolled off either.
    I'm really impressed with these.
    I need to give them:
    1. More time
    2. play with different tips
    3. REALLY compare them to the denon's
    4. Come to a conclusion what I prefer and/or if they are worth paying £100 for (TFTA)
  4. lucozade
    T.I ? whats that ?
     ,when it comes to bass these really sort the men out from the boys ,try some led zep , dazed & confused should do the trick [​IMG]
  5. Totally Dubbed


    haha = its the rapper bro :p

    And yeah the bass really does walk the talk.
    One thing I noticed though: The sound stage...it not that present at the moment.
  6. lucozade
    they need days of burn in ,and try experimenting with other tips  .
  7. kckc
    You guys have got me REALLY curious about these. Can I only get them from their site or is there another way to buy them? I live in Canada and I didn't see that as a shipping option.. 
  8. Totally Dubbed
    Just drop them an email, and I'm sure they will sort something out. In terms of sound stage luco, how is it for u?
  9. lucozade


    I find the sound stage to be on the large size and very good for movies,in fact i no longer use my ie8 for movies ,its been replaced by my tfta.
    Just listening to some Gary Moore and compairing the tfta with the IE8 and mtpg running them through my my Yamaha A2 amp 
    The tfta runs rings around both the ie8 and the mtpg in terms of bass quantity and even the ie8 with bass nobs turned full on is no competition , and the treble and midrange is as clear as a bell ,with excellent clarity ,the golds are not far behind in the treble and mids but the tfta just gives me tha bit more sparkle and extra detail ,also tfta is way more efficient than the other two , 
  10. Totally Dubbed


    well put Luco :)
  11. i2ehan
    @lucozade: any updates? [​IMG]
  12. DnB Sublimity
    Subbed [​IMG]
  13. lucozade
    [​IMG] I have only been using the tf10 for movies lately which they  are perfect for as i have moved into the relms of full sized cans so all my music listening has been  with my latest arrivals   
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