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TFTA-2100-3V2B EXTRA BASS, sub woofers in my ears!

  1. ZimmerX
    At nearly £100 they seem like quite an expensive IEM. How would you compare them to the likes of the IE7, EQ7 and SM3? I'm trying to get an idea of how these sound like, but from your "current iems" list there is little to compare them to! The Vsonic GR07 can be grabbed at just over £100, do you think these guys give them a run for their money? I realise the sound signature is very different, but in terms of technical ability and price/sound quality, how do these fare up?
    Certainly an interesting find. I'd personally probably be more interested in the neutral versions and not the extra bass one.
  2. lucozade


    Well to be honest i never really rated the ie7 as that good ,these to my ears are a lot smoother and natural sounding in the treble department and have a level of sophistication up there that ie7 simply can't match and bass that goes deeper than the ie7/8 ,as for the gro7 i can not comment as i have yet to hear those,but in terms of sound quality these have nothing to be ashamed about and can give any of the phones i own a run for there money,for the price these sell for its fantastic value for money .
    In terms of details i don't find these lacking when compaired to the rest of my earphone collection ,micro details come thought clear, they don't have the same level of transparency as the eq7 but than again there sound signatures are complete opposites.
    Despite the heavy sub bass on this particular model instrument separation and placement is very good ,with the more hours i put on these the more they impress me and the better they sound ,i find it very hard to find fault with them soundwise, I'm sure my more fancy phones like the w4 and Sm3 must do something better than these or at least my brain tells me they should at 3 times the price ,maybe precise imaging or something like that but not by that big a margin ,its very hard to compair a dymanic with multi ba driver phones but what i can say is that i find these more natural sounding in the midrange particularly and technically as good or maybe even superior to my monster pro coppers .
    Oh and a note on the bass ,they do not swamp every song with tons of sub bass ,if there is not much bass in a recording  than your not going to hear much but if it is there these certainly deliver the goods. 
    Although these do not require an amp in terms of volume when amped by by my heron via line out dock to classic ipod , these scale up really nicely ,the bass is tighter and they become much more transparent ,mids come more forward ,really nice.
  3. Totally Dubbed
    Love the thread!
    Never knew it existed before I created mine lol!

    Nice one bro - love the impressions - I'll get back to you on my impressions too :wink:
  4. Totally Dubbed
    Listening to the MTPG's atm.
    Holy mother...a LOT of bass LOL - I thought the 710's had a lot of bass...and now these have even MOAWR :p
    How do the MTPG's in your opinion compare to the TFTA's?
    In terms of overall SQ + bass? :p
    I'll be getting them in on Tuesday, just keen to know your opinion :)
  5. lucozade
    @ totally dubbed,
    Lots of bass lol,wait till you hear the tfta ,not a lot of detail and articulation in the monster bass though to my ears. The tfta extra bass has More bass and its more articulate with better texture and separation of bass instruments . 
    Over all sound quality is very good ,the monsters golds are a bit brighter in the upper midrange  region so electric guitar for example have a bit more bite to them on the golds but the tfta easily out shines the monsters through out the rest of the range to my ears and sound quality is amazing and for a £100 earphone the tfta performs beyond my expectations in this price range ,it has become my favorite iem .
    I am currently listening to my latest addition to my collection ,the Denon AH5000 which has a somewhat similar sound signature to the tfta with great bass but i have to eq up the bass frequencies on the denon to get them to hit as hard and as low as the tfta ,extra bass.[​IMG] and when i switch from one to the other there is no drop in sound quality or level of details or technical ability in the tfta.

  6. Totally Dubbed


    Your making me more and more excited.
    I came to a conclusion about the MTPG's after 1 day of listening (yes I know I should allow more burn-in)
    I'm returning them back to Amazon....@ £185
    The thing which I LOVE about the MTPG's are that they are much smoother than the 710's, but yet at time I feel something is missing in the sound, here is where the denon's excelled. 
    Now unto bass: The first day I got them out the box the MTPG's sounded TERRIFIC in bass (using the comply TX-400's) and then today as I woke up, the bass seems to have toned down due to the burn in - but the mids and highs are shinning through.
    Now are the MTPG's worth it?
    @£185 = HELL NO
    Get the Denon 710's for half that price!
    In short:
    The denon's are worth more than £90, and sound almost IDENTICAL to the MTPG's (very very slight differences, depending on the tip you use that is)
    I use on both the TX-400's.
    When the 710's are used with their silicone tips they sound rubbish, but when paired with the comply's they sound amazing.
    Whereas the MTPG's are more versatile and can sound terrific with any tips, be it comply or not.
    @£130 = Me buying it from the US = yes
    Because for a nice design, a huge array of tips, great CS by Monster, unlimited lifetime warranty and the fact that they are a 1 cable design.
    I'm waiting to hear the coppers today and the TFTA's the day after.
    From what you are describing, the TFTA's won't be my PERFECT IEM, but yet they will be close to it.
    What in fact I'm looking for is:
    The same sensitivity as the denon's
    Same amount of bass as the denon's
    Smooth/warm feel to them like the MTPG's
    Nice design + 1 cable design like the MTPG's
    A good warranty (obviously nothing will match the monsters)
    And the TFTA's might tick some of those boxes but not all.
    I shall hear them on Tuesday,and will let you know.
    But if the TFTA's aren't my cup of tea, then I will settle for the golds/coppers that will be bought from the US. Only condition being:
    That I can sell my Denon's
    If I can't sell my denon's then it's a waste of money for me to buy the golds/coppers for example.
    It's an interesting rivalry I have in front of me.
    With the:
    Denon 710's
    TFTA Normal
    TFTA Bass
    I will make a full length review on each, and more so a comparison between all.
  7. shotgunshane Contributor
    Have either of you heard the new Atrios with mg7 driver? I would be curious as to how these compare.
  8. lucozade


    Sorry not heard any Atrios iem's
  9. lucozade
    @ Totally dubbed , 
    I agree with you that the golds bass does indeed tone down a fair bit after a few days ,how did you find the quality of the bass on the golds compaired to the denon? to me the denon have Superior quality and timbre in the bass and drums.
    Personally i don't really like comply tips on any iem and use the earportz tips on the denon  which gives me the best sound and tones down the bright upper mids /lower treble just enough to not be a problem.
    The tfta has similar sensitivity to the denon and is very easy to drive , no need for amping even with a European classic ipod 7g with its limited volume ,although there is some improvement to be had from amping as with all phones.
    The tfta does have a warm and smooth sound .
    The tfta cable is a one piece cable , what is it with denon and there cables ?.... the cable on the ah5000 is at least 10 feet long and as thick as a pencil and cloth covered so is quite stiff and has a mid of its own , seriously you could sting it up on two poles and hang your washing out on it .
    The 710 are bass weaklings compared to the tfta extra bass 
  10. Totally Dubbed


    You should have seen the 751's cables....as mark put it : magic wires
    lol...no idea why they downgraded and/or made the wire into 2 pieces, rather than 1 wire
    In term of sensitivity:
    Are you really sure they have the same sensitivity?
    According to the TFTA website, they are "Sensitivity 98dB at 1KHz, 1mW"
    The denon's are: Sensitivity:110 dB/mW
    MTPG: Wait a second...where the hell is their spec sheet 0.0?
    But I think it was around 95/98db
    In terms of bass well:
    The MTPG's are much more controlled, and less rolled off, whereas the denon's feel a little less bloated and less controlled.
    So I prefer the MTPG bass, but like some aspects of the bright aspect of the denon's.
    My coppers arrived just now (thank you mum :D), and I will be doing a comparison when I get home :p
    In terms of burn-in - how long do you think the denon's, MTPG & TFTA's need?
    I know the denon's need AT LEAST 30hrs
    MTPG's seem to be getting more under control after around 5hrs - but haven't changed massively in SQ, whereas the EX500's and similarly the 710's changed drastically in a good way :)
  11. lucozade
    Well i did say a similar sensitivity ,so ok there not the same but regardless of what the spec's say  both the denon and the tfta  require less power/volume to sound good ,ie you have to turn the volume up louder to get the same output of volume from the monsters in my experience and monsters really need an amp to shine.
  12. Totally Dubbed


    Thanks for the info bro!
    And yeah the monsters need an amp.
    At least for my deaf ears :D!
    They don't need anything to be driven that said, but they need something in order to hear them better....
    MTPG 80% = 60% denon
    On my amp :wink:
    For me it isn't much of a problem, as I have an app that amps the hardware of my samsung galaxy s :wink:
    (haven't used my e5 since)
    As it also has a bass boost + DAC option + many more things.
    Look up:
    Voodoo sound plus app by TotallydubbedHD (me) on youtube
  13. Gilly87
    Can you compare to some other bassy IEMs? Eterna/Turbine/Atrio etc?
  14. lucozade
    I will check out that app when i get a chance , dose it only work on the samsung or would it work on my archos 4.8 ?

  15. Totally Dubbed


    Check out the compatibility, doesn't look like it.
    Paid version
    Free version if not rooted go for this one
    @ the above about other bassy earphones.
    Check my list of earphones - I will be doing one

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