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TFTA-2100-3V2B EXTRA BASS, sub woofers in my ears!

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  1. lucozade
    Got to work today and found a parcel i was expecting had arrived ,i was looking for some bass monsters and i found them in the TFTA-2100-3V2B [​IMG]
    These are a high definition dymanic driver phone with a 10 mm driver that utilizes thin film technology and are specifically tuned  to deliver a extra deep sub bass and extended treble  and believe me these things can reproduce bass lines like i have never heard before ,every note so crisp and clean and fully shaped and so  deep ,no mush or flabby non defined bass here.Had them in my ears all day and so far very impressed
    .Out of the box the mids were a little subdued but as the burn in progresses they are becoming very rich and full of detail and very much present in there own right ,they are warm but not overly so and not colored by the bass, every instrument in the mid range can be clearly heard although the bass takes center stage ,
    The treble is nicely extended and full of micro details will add more details on the sound as i hear them 
    These come in a small cardboard box , nice and simple and come with s/m/l silicon tips and that's it , no fancy case or comply foam tips 
    The earphones themselves are aluminum and seem very solid,the cord is a 1.2m soft pvc type of material and although a bit on the thin side for my liking no worse than the cord on my denon ah710 and have displayed next to no micophonics.
    impedance 16 ohms ,very easy to drive 
    max power input 30mw
    sensitivity 105db
    connector 3.5mm gold plated
    extra heavy bass !
    Price £99
    DSC00113_mini.jpg DSC00116_mini.jpg DSC00117_mini.jpg
  2. a_recording
    Wow they come out of the box with those weird sensorcom tips? I've never seen that.
  3. lucozade


    No , sensorcom tips not included [​IMG]
  4. Tefloon
    Grub tips
  5. ericp10

    Nice buddy!! Keep us abreast on how they break in for you... [​IMG]

  6. Andrerox
    They look like insects lol.
  7. nfinite
    besides the bass, what about the mid & treble presentation? is it great?
  8. i2ehan
    ^^ Ditto. More information about the treble and mids would be greatly appreciated. [​IMG]
  9. lucozade


    I am finding the treble to be nice and sparkly and extended showing plenty of detail up top as it is tuned to be , no trace of sibilance or harshness and the mids are neither recessed or forward and are on the warm side but not as warm as the monster golds when used with the monster  foam tips or super tips /complys fine and in general very well done .When used with an already warm beefy player like my x7 player some female vocals can come across as a touch dark on flat settings but are very easy to brighten up with eq.
      Electric guitars are nicely toned and well placed but don't jump out and grab you like they do on my denon 710 but than again that's quite a contrast as no phone i have does guitars and brass like the denon .
    Acoustic guitars have some weight to the strings with a nice tone and fingers can be clearly heard sliding over the frets 
    Drums are clearly defined although maybe not as crisp and snappy as on phones the eq7 or w4, the bass drum kicks arse though
    piano is nicely toned but not as forward in the mix as it is in most or my ba driver phones.
    cymbals have a natural dymanic driver tone to them so not light and tingly like on the w4 or sm3
    For anyone how wants lots of solid bass and sub bass this iem is will be very hard to beat ,anyone looking for a good all rounder for all types of music should look elsewhere . 
    There are some graphs on the manufactures web site which show the 3v2v easily out performs the monster gold across the frequency range except between 2-5Hz . It is also worth noting that the bass of tfta mid range model at £49  out performs the ie8 as shown in the graph so the  3v2v easily destroys the ie8 bass in quantity as well as quality just as my ears are telling me.
    The web site is ,WWW.TFTA.EU
    I am looking forward to watching a movie or two with these tonight , explosions etc should be funderous  and brain shaking [​IMG]


  10. shotgunshane Contributor
    I've never heard of this brand.  Are they a new company or maybe lesser known and regional?
  11. lucozade


    They are based in the England and have been around for at least a year although i only discovered them a couple of days ago ,Information about them can be found on there web site , www.tfta.eu
  12. lucozade
    After listening to these all day again i can report that the midrange has opened up some and is now a bit brighter and more airy and i no longer have any issues with female vocals ,they sound fine ,the overall sound is very enjoyable .Been listening to some of my favorite male & female country singers and they work well with that genre but they really shine with music that commands a powerful bass presence .
    I have also noticed that while they isolate well enough to mow the lawn with a petrol mower without hearing it , these are vented with a small hole in the back of each driver casing which does let wind noise in if conditions are quite windy .
  13. lucozade
     Having switched from the earportz tips to a standard single flange tip and have found that these sound even better with a shallow fit tip as apposed to a deep inserted tip  and now the sound coming out of these little beauties is really engaging and satisfying across the entire sound spectrum and sound stage has also increased with the shallow fit,i think these are going to be my favorite phone for quite some time to come.[​IMG]
  14. mark2410 Contributor
  15. lucozade
    They do resemble the denon shape but have a sloped 45 degree end to the casings 
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