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Testing audiophile claims and myths

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by prog rock man, May 3, 2010.
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  1. analogsurviver
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    if you're talking about the ignore function, if you move your mouse over your name at the top right of the page, there is a list of stuff popping up, including "people you ignore".
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  3. analogsurviver
    Thank you.

    I have restrained from answering one particular member for FAR too long - no idea what he has been posting for at least half a year, with a few exceptions here and there, visible to me only if not logged in.
  4. bfreedma
    I’m putting on my tall boots...
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  5. GearMe
    popcorn panda.gif
  6. gregorio
    1. Nonsense! Top commercial studios spend many millions on equipment, Stax cost peanuts by comparison, they didn't "penetrate the market more than it did" for other reasons.

    2. And that appears to explain at least part of your problem. You read some marketing or opinion piece and "hey presto" that's what you believe you hear, even though you've demonstrated that you can't actually hear even some of the audio basics. That's fine though, entirely up to you. However, what's not fine and what's not up to you is to state your delusions as fact, especially here in the sound science forum!
    2a. Case in point! Do you have any reliable evidence that Lambda Pro's "make mockery of say HD800s"? Of course you don't because that's an opinion, NOT a fact! I've heard both the HD800s and the Lambda Pros, although not in direct comparison at the same time, and my impression is that the Stax are better in some regards in relation to my personal preferences but they certainly don't "make a mockery" of HD800s and to be honest, I preferred the LCD-X to both. However, that's just "my impression", it's not a fact and it's not science, it's therefore: A. Off-topic, B. Inappropriate for this sub-forum and C. Would be a blatant lie (or inadvertent lie, if I were deluded) to state it as a fact!

    3. And that's because when you did respond, you did so by simply making-up falsehoods, posting examples which you didn't realise/couldn't hear weren't examples, posting marketing as "reliable evidence" and in the process just made yourself appear more and more ignorant/foolish, which is presumably why you "restrained from answering" in the first place! So, what do you mean it's been "FAR too long"? Far too long since you painted yourself into a corner, exposed your own falsehoods/delusions and made yourself look even more ignorant/foolish? Do us ALL a favour and leave it for even longer! Or better still, stop with the falsehoods and impressions/delusions stated as fact in the first place!!!

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  7. bigshot
    A reminder: No one is required to respond to my posts if they don't feel it is worth their time. If you have me muted and you still feel the need to respond to me, you probably have a problem with self control. That means that you should probably take a break from posting entirely. I doubt if anyone will mind.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  8. analogsurviver
    FYI: Although - mostly - we don't see eye to eye, I never did put you on mute. Even when you were being banned, I contacted mods to reconsider their decision(s) - with the reasoning that you DO make valuable contributions - despite everything else.
  9. TheSonicTruth
    Gregorio and bigshot are both quite knowledgeable individuals, but, if they were MDs, they would have hurrible bedside manner! lol. They both just need to be open to and acknowledge that others do grasp most audio concepts. Some of us just aren't as up to speed on the precise terminology, or on how to properly express ourselves.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  10. bigshot
    If you want to pay me a doctor's salary to do this, I promise you my bedside manner would improve.
  11. richardxigua
    Thanks for the time you put into preparing this post. It was VERY much appreciated.
  12. bigshot
    That first post is a great one.
  13. Glmoneydawg
    GRRRR!!! :/
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    While I respect the opinions of all posters on this page, is there not anyway that some could avoid the very personal insults hurled at those who they can't agree with? Very unkind and does nothing to make an argument more water-tight. If the goal is to enlighten or open somebody's point of view, that is a crappy way to go, and if the real point is to insult and denigrate, not sure that is a great motive.
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  15. Steve999
    I just tried to put myself on ignore but I got a big red error message saying you can’t ignore yourself. Is this like new-age self-help advice, or some ancient philosophical concept, or just a simple piece of practical wisdom?
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