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Testing audiophile claims and myths

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by prog rock man, May 3, 2010.
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  1. bfreedma
    The rotary wired phone worked perfectly fine, so who needed wireless land lines, let alone pagers, cell phones, smart phones...

    It's not reinventing the wheel, it's improving it, or redesigning it to fit new requirements. Expecting the world to conform to your desired stopping point of technology, language, etc. isn't going to happen, so everyone either has to adapt or be frustrated. Being frustrated isn't worth it, because you're tilting at windmills.
  2. TheSonicTruth
    You'd be surprised the issues I'm quite liberal/progressive about.

    But when it comes to this type of communication - texting, forums, usenet - I prefer the equivalent of hand-cranking car windows to pressing a button to open or shut them: plain English.
  3. bfreedma

    That's fine - communicate as you prefer. Just don't expect everyone else to conform to your personal preferences.
  4. bfreedma
  5. KeithEmo
    Yes, every culture has its own lingo, but it comes about for various reasons......

    For example, mB and mB because, well, giga-byte and mega-byte don't really roll off the tongue ...

    And many modern text abbreviations came about because they're easier to type ...
    For example, "LOL" takes a lot less keys than "laughing out loud" - especially in the old days when many folks were typing on a numeric keypad...
    And, while nowadays almost every phone can display a smiley face, not long ago most could not.
    Neither of those came about because someone expected you to memorize a long list of secret code words.
    (or because they wanted to exclude the folks who weren't interested in doing so.)
    All of those sort of evolved - for pretty straightforward reasons......

    It does sort of cross a line when it become obvious that the intent is to divide rather than unite the culture...
    For example, when a subculture, or an outright cult, develops their own private language...
    For better or worse it promotes an "us and them mentality".
    (Ever notice how two doctors can talk about you, right in front of you, and they might as well be speaking a foreign language?)

    Do you really doubt that your high school aged children feel like they're speaking a different language than you are?
    Do you consider this a good thing or a bad thing?

    To some folks it starts to feel like you're walking along the sidewalk talking to someone...
    Then they start walking faster and faster, with no obvious purpose other than "seeing if you're willing to run to catch up with them or not"...
    It begins to seem like someone is thinking: "Let's invent a new language and see if the old fogeys are willing to learn it to avoid being left behind".
    (And, to put it bluntly, when it starts to seem as if many of the users of that new language were never required to pass an English exam, it starts to seem a bit odd.)

  6. StandsOnFeet
    Or as some of my gaming friends say: less QQ, more pew pew.
    bfreedma likes this.
  7. TheSonicTruth
    Well, if you or anyone else communicates with me like "JDJS EEIRK WEEKRJ", expect to be asked by me to translate that into a language spoken by ordinary people.

    And "Google it" won't cut it. :wink:
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  8. bfreedma
    Then I guess you're going to be left out. No problem, it's your choice to make.
  9. TheSonicTruth
    And the other half's choice to be a jerk about it and not help a fellow human understand.
  10. bfreedma
    People are being jerks because they won't conform to your personal standard of communication? I think you're a bit off here.

    It's not like we're talking about terms that take more than a few seconds to look up.

    I have nothing more to add - You've been informed on how to "fish" - don't expect me to continue to fish for you.
  11. TheSonicTruth
    Folks are free to BFF SMH TERYX WSSXB all they want - I'm not stopping them!

    But I will ask them, politely, what DJIDE WIEZN stands for.
  12. TheSonicTruth
    Define "QQ" please
  13. ahofer
  14. TheSonicTruth
    I'm in the table of contents for that month and year. Which one is the test of interest - the turntable, one of the two CD players?
  15. bigshot
    The article Do All Amplifiers Sound the Same? (DAASTS)
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