Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones
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Nov 25, 2009
**Update as of Friday, May 14th**
Hi all, just checking back in to let you know that the 10 members for the 2nd round of Copper reviews have been selected, and we will be reaching out to all 10 over the next few days. Thank you again to all of the members that have submitted. If you were selected, you will be notified via PM.
**Update as of Friday, April 16th**

Hi everyone! Thank you for the incredible amount of interest and support you're showing for the Coppers. Due to this huge response, we've decided to offer up an additional 10 pairs of Coppers for Head-Fi members to review. If you submitted for the initial 10 sets and were not selected, you will automatically be considered again for this new round so no need to reapply. If you did not apply the first time around, please feel free to do so now! We will keep the submission process open for approximately two weeks from now.

Due to the great success and feedback from our initial Turbine Pro Gold headphone review program, Monster Cable is now looking for Head-Fi community members to review our new Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers! We greatly appreciate the Head-Fi community's support, and since so many of you have been curious about the Coppers, we will be giving out pairs of the headphones to 10 Head-Fi members to test out and comment on in the forum.


More information about the Coppers can be found here as well: Monster® Turbine™ Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers™

If you would like to be considered for this review opportunity, simply reply to this thread.

**Please note: The Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers were designed for critical listening for Serious Audiophiles and Audio Professionals. Specifically, they have been tuned for those who are looking for an in-ear monitor that will reproduce their source music as honestly and accurately as possible. This product will tell the audio story exactly as it is... accurate recordings will sound amazing and lifelike, while poor quality recordings will retain the same low-end quality. Before you apply, please keep this information in mind! Thanks!

***Update as of 3/24*** Hi everyone. Thanks so much for all of your interest in the Coppers! We received some amazing submissions! It was tough, but we have narrowed down and selected the 10 reviewers, all of whom have been directly contacted via pm. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing the reviewers' thoughts, which they will be sharing with the Head-Fi community in the coming weeks.
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Please consider me for the test! I would love to hear them as well.
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Sure why not, i would like to see what Monster has to offer to the audiophile community.
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Would really love to hear them, as everything I've heard about them so far makes me feel they could very well present the type of sound signature & quality I'm looking for right now, but haven't heard from any earphone yet. Also as a musician i think I will give a good review to those earphones that are meant to present a reference, monitor-like neutral and balanced sound signature.
If you and the head-fi team agree I could also post a review in French in the main audiophile french-speaking internet forum.

EDIT : In case you'd have any worry about it : I can write in English just fine! (and I would probably use a more concise, yet detailed, writing style for my post). After extended listening I will give my best shot at a thoughtfully written, honest & balanced review.
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Sign me up! I have been and to some degree remain a skeptic of Monster products, but feedback on their recent headphone offerings have piqued my interest.

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