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TesseracT Polaris - CD vs 96/24 and 5.1 versions from the DVD

Discussion in 'Music' started by mindsmirror, Sep 23, 2015.
  1. dtfreak05
    I only listened to A Fair Judgment, but the guitars sounded really low in the mix. I'll have to check to see what channel those are in.
  2. dtfreak05
    Success with Polaris! I think everything worked as it should as I can definitely hear a difference between the files where the Matrix Mixer was applied compared to a straight downmix. Thanks, I've definitely learned a lot (though I still have to figure out the linear scale of the MM and how it corresponds to dBs).
  3. MindsMirror
    Here is an online calculator for converting between decibels and a linear factor.
  4. dtfreak05
    Oh excellent! Thank you!
  5. dtfreak05
    FYI, to anyone else that reads this, the following post has good instructions on how to set up the ArcSoft DTS decoder with AudioMuxer.


    Then, I subsequently discovered that you need to check the "Priority" box next to the ArcSoft decoder in the Application>Settings menu, or else it tries to use the built-in dcaenc decoder.

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