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  1. Matija Osrečki
    Tennmak stuff is far superior than anything else I've tried imo

    Btw, I see you have Svara Red, how does it compare to Tennmak Pros (and Cellos but you don't have it yet) ? And how's the bass?
  2. drag0nslayer
    I've added svara red to the list but its arriving next week with cello so, comparison will be possible after getting both :D There is a guy here with something name bear and he rated svara red relatively high after that i ordered. Will let you know soon :)
  3. xxAMAROKxx
    I am looking forward to a China sale on 11.11. and I would buy Tennmak Banjo and Tennmak Crazy Cello.
    But I am very treble sensitive - for example Rock Zircon have too much treble for me. I`ve read, that Tennmak earphones have elevated treble too, in general. Is that true also for Banjo and Crazy Cello ?
    Thank you for your opinion.
  4. drag0nslayer
    I would say just go for tennmak cello its great for your type of signature and order them now as on 11.11 it'll take more time for shipment. Just ask tony to adjust price for you and than you can order before 11.11.
  5. _daRK
    If Zircons are too much for you, definitely don't buy Cellos. If I were you I would choose TRIOs (you can change filters to suppress their treble and IMHO TRIOs are darker than CELLOs). May be Dulcimer would be a better option ? They have great bass (but less then Zircons).
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  6. redfx
    Tony from Tennmack is promoting a new 6mm+9mm drivers Trio model (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32...f-37c5e92fc30a) with replaceable sound filters, covers and cable. Discount, as I understand it, goes to the other models - the same $ 2 at a similar price for Crazy Cello, and how many of the other models, he answered indistinctly.

    In any case, a discount of $ 2 works with all 11.11 coupons, etc. In the created order, leave the code "I like Tennmak" and wait for the cost reduction.

    PS. Last week I took Trio and Crazy Cello from the post office. According to the sound of the Trio, it's a $ 50 Tennmak Pro - there's a lot of enveloping bass, but unlike Pro there's a top, well, the sound quality is much higher. The sound is very warm and bass. With a dark DAP as xDuoo X2 with firmware 5.0 - busting an under-controlled bass. And with conventional smartphones is much more balanced - there is an excess of low frequencies in the suit, under certain genres of course.

    I liked Crazy Cello much more. The bass and the top are strengthened, but without excesses. The sound, in general, is smooth-warm, transparent, with good detail and accuracy. Pleasant earphones for every day.
  7. Zackio
    So the TRIOS basically sound bassy which would be for a basshead?
  8. thejoker13
    Absolutely not. They have ALOT less bass then the pro's and cello's.
  9. Zackio
    Well that's exactly what i want (Not basshead)and the reason i bought them.. Still waiting for them to arrive. According to Tony they have a warm sound and very clear... Which i enjoy a lot.
  10. thejoker13
    You should enjoy them then. They're a lot more balanced compared to the PRO'S, with a better treble performance.
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  11. redfx
    I use eartips with a narrow exhaust. Eartips with a wide exhaust smear and weaken the TRIO's bass. They make the middle sharp and unpleasant. The best choice is SpinFit. A lot of bass, but not very strong. Do you need a super bass? Tennmak Dulcimer plus Dunu Titans eartips with color cores in Dunu accessory set.
  12. Zackio
    Like i said above, I'm not a basshead so a lot of bass is not my signature. My signature would be more in the warmish, clear side... Which i think these earphones deliver.
  13. redfx
    Tennmak Crazy Cello plus SpinFit eartips.
  14. Ben Freeman
    I hate the V-shaped sound. That's why I have just bought Tennmak pro. But it sounds a lot V-shaped. I have been using it for a couple of hours only. Will mid come forward after enough burn in?
  15. redfx
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