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  1. Sylmar
    Much appreciated. :beerchug:
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  2. Griffith
    Most earphones/headphones have very small or negligible effects after "burning-in". This has been tested multiple times by various people with different headphones, even with some particular headphones which recommend the practice.

    While that isn't to say there aren't some variations they are subtle and what a lot of people describe as "burn-in" consists of how accustomed they, or their listening, becomes to the sound.
  3. _daRK
    I got these TRIOs a few days ago - was curious and Tony is so cool guy :) Still burning in but my first impressions : a little bit warmish, better then PROs, I like these TRIOs but will always love Crazy Cello. I have 1More Triple Driver too and I can say they are similar in many sound aspects.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
  4. Matija Osrečki
    So are Crazy Cellos better than Trio? And how is the bass compared to both Pro and Cello?
  5. _daRK
    They are different... Cellos are much more detailed what I prefer and Trios are a little bit warmer, smoother in highs, but go deeper in bass. You know I bought qJays ver.2 one or two months ago and after that I sold two thirds of my earphones collection - I couldn't stand their sound. I kept only 1MORE (as "opposite" type of sound to qJays for metal) and... right - Cellos. But It was very tempting to try TRIOs :) I don't regret buying them, they are better than all my previous sold stuff (mostly chifi from audiobudget) and they will suit me to different moodes and kinds of music. I didn't like PROs (veiled, not very detailed), I returned them. If I were forced to keep just one inears (except q-Jays) I would keep definitely Cellos.
    I don't know if I helped you guys, but that's my honest opinion and tastes.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
  6. Matija Osrečki
    So Trios have stronger bass? Interesting, I ordered Cellos (haven't received them yet) because I thought they have stronger bass, I think even Tony told me that.
    I already have the Pros and I love them, but I'm new to all of this
  7. _daRK
    every ears are different, I would believe Tony :) But Tony wrote me this before buying them : "The sound is deep thick strong and smooth. It's warm and soft than cello".
    Cellos might have more accurate bass and TRIOs have stronger bass, that's not that same thing.
    You won't regret Cellos... for sure.
    I have to mention that both are very tips sensitive (took long time to find the right tips).
  8. Axl77
    Hello, I have bought the Tennmak Pro (No mic) and really like the sound and especially how it fits in the ear. However I have noticed a mild hissing or static in the background. It is noticeable when I listen to instrumental music or calm music on Spotify with my LG G3 but is not very noticeable with other type of music. I can not hear this mild background noise at all when I compare with my Soundmagic E10 on the same mobile. Has anyone else noticed this? Could it be that Tennmak with the dual driver is a little bit more sensitive to audio quality so that imperfections are more noticeable or could it be more sensitive to electric interference?
  9. Qualcheduno
    I have the Pros and I hear the same hissing you're talking about when I'm using them with my Shanling M1, and since I hear that noise even when the music is paused, I think it's because of electric interference.
  10. Axl77
    Thank you for the reply. Now I at least know that it is not just my earphone that has this problem. Anyway I agree with you that it is probably electrical interference. I have now also tried the Tennmak pro by plugging it directly into my NAD amplifier and there is perfect sound without any hissing or static background noise when I play exactly the same music. However there is a noticeable hissing with my LG G3 and also my mp3-player. I wonder if there could be some way to reduce the electric interference? Maybee try to replace the cable or something else? (I have the new 2017 cable with no mic)
  11. Darthplagueis
    I'd second that, I have the same configuration. Tennmak PROs with no mic. I have an HTC one m8, and I hear the same hissing noise, When playing quiter tracks. I think its amplifier noise.

    Have the soundmagic es 18 also. (no mic) and didn't spot any hissing with them.
  12. Matija Osrečki
    Blue and Gold colors for Tennmak Pros coming out soon

    They are also planning to make a wooden earphone, but no schedule

    Tony is awesome
  13. drag0nslayer
    I can not find a better guy than tony on aliexpress, My old pro was having one connector issue and he replace it with new Pro with my cello 11.11 order. I just can't wait to try my cello's.
  14. Matija Osrečki
    Yesterday metal mesh on my Pro fell out and he sent me a new pair of Pros and metal mesh to fix my old ones. Also, few weeks ago sound was cutting off on the left side so he sent me a new cable with my Crazy Cellos. Then I ordered only the Piano ear heads and he sent me an extra cable. He's amazing, best customer service I've ever had.
  15. drag0nslayer
    Yes he is an amazing person, super awesome. I ask him yesterday to send extra cable for my pros and he sent it. His IEMs are far better than any other and he recommends me which to buy or not if it worth it or not.
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