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  1. Griffith
    Later today I'm going to be publishing a more thorough review of the Tennmak Pro. I mean no offence to head-fiers but the current reviews available for them are rather lacking and I feel that not only do they deserve a better representation on this community but also a more proper review for others to follow.

    I would like to ask any and all Tennmak fans/appreciators that have any questions or things they'd like to suggest or see on the review to speak their mind so that I may include it.
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  2. Griffith
    Ahem, "later today" turned into a few days later somehow but my review is now up for anyone interested.

    Have a nice day!
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  3. Selenium
    Nice review. I'm enjoying my Tennmak Pro right now. Something is up with the connection on the right earpiece though... It's starting to cut in and out.
  4. Darthplagueis
    Hello everyone, this is my first time here, I've followed head fi for some time now, and here I am.

    I've ordered a pair as well, and i have to say. These were more or less my impressions as well. I bought mic-less version.

    Quite honestly the big soundstage everyone talks about this iem, seemed absent to me, sure Instrument separation was there yes, but soundstage does not live upto the hype.

    Treble is well under control though. I own a Xiaomi triple driver (Pro HD) and boy they are HARSH. the instrument separation is comparable to them, but soundstage definitely feels widened as compared to Pro HDs.

    Ironically, neither the dual driver pros and triple driver Pro HD's match the stereo sepration of my trusty old Soundmagic ES 18. Single driver. Ironic.
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  5. Griffith
    This is what I said about the soundstage on my review:

  6. Darthplagueis
    And I agree
  7. Darthplagueis
    A quick question, is there anything to distinguish this model from 2016 one? I didn't find any markings, that says otherwise.
  8. snip3r77
    get from the official store at Aliexpress, you'd be fine
  9. Sylmar
    That's what I am hoping. It would be nice if the TRIO would be more detailed compared to the Pro's.
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  10. Sylmar
    Anyone got the TRIO yet?
  11. thejoker13
    I received my trio the other day. I've been super busy and haven't had much of chance to really see what they're about. I will post some impressions at some point over the weekend.
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  12. Jimster480
    What trio? Does anyone have a link?
  13. thejoker13
    I've tried posting links before on here to no avail. Just look at tennmaks official page on ali express. The first 2 earphones to come up should be tennmaks new trio and guita.
  14. Jimster480
    Thanks I'll check it out.
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  15. Darthplagueis
    Do the pros benefit from burn in? I've decided to skip on hours long burn in and just listen to them as the time allows.
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