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  1. redfx
    The Tennmak is an headphone manufacturer from China.
    About The Tennmak.
    The original line of products.

    Store Tennmak there is the official agent of the company xDuoo(thread)

    Store on The Aliexpress(original, DIY, OEM, ODM, other brands):

    Store on The Amazon.com


    Tennmak Dulcimer Red/Gold:
    Drive size : 8.6mm moving coil speaker
    Sensitivity : 98dB SPL @ 1KHz
    Resistance : 16 ohm
    Frequency : 20-20KHz
    Microphone : -39+/-3dB
    Remote : universal--play/pause/back/next/answer/end
    Cable : flat cable , L=1.2M


    Tennmak DIY IE800.
    Drive size : 8.0mm moving coil speaker
    Sensitivity : 95+/-3dB
    Resistance : 16 ohm
    Frequency : 20-20KHz
    Microphone : -40dB
    Remote: universal version--one button
    Cable : L=1.2M

    Exclusive whirlwind silicon eartips(sizes and curve)

    and many others...
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  2. redfx
  3. redfx
    Soon, Tennmak will present new model - Tennmak Banjo. Design, as Sidy DM3. Sound character, as Tennmak Dulcimer
    Cost - $21,99
  4. redfx
  5. Paulpark222
    Quite surprising that Tennmak products are not so well known on Head-Fi. I think they deserve more attention than this. Hope this thread gets more popular..
    Tennmak (Tenmak) Piano review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/tennmak-piano/reviews/15306
  6. Carlsan
    I was listening to the Dulcimer today, impressive earphone. To soon to really comment on the sound, except to say that Bass was controlled but present when needed, and highs were just right to my ears.  $20 well spent.
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  7. carltonh
    Subscribing since I ordered the Piano model.
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  8. Paulpark222
  9. carltonh
    I asked how the Pro is different form the Piano. Granted there is a language barrier, but I can't make any conclusions from this response:
    "for the Tennmak Tenmk PRO , it's duble drivers sport detachable earphone . 
    the sound is different with Piano . 
    compare with Piano , PRO sound is more thick , deep and strong. more soft . 
    Piano sound is super clear --a little bit hard .  they are different style . "
    Yes the Piano might have a slight V-shape, so I might understand a thicker sound, but beyond that, I'm not sure. I'd hope it would have the clean and pristine treble of the Piano.
  10. jant71
     $30(for now) and only 4 pairs of tips. Piano is cool with the color choices and plenty of Whirlwinds. A Red/Blue Pro with the same tip selection as the Piano would be cool. Also not sure  about the clarity from the comment. Smoother may be nice but should match the clarity of the Piano. 
  11. carltonh
    I went ahead and ordered the Banjo model because I'm so impressed with the Piano. Both are supposedly based on the Dulcimer dynamic, but refined differently. I haven't heard the Dulcimer, but if the Banjo has the sound quality of the Piano, I'll be happy. I bought if from the slow boat but low price at gearbest.com.
    Does anyone else have the Banjo? As far as I know, I'm buying it without seeing a single review. That is a bit unusual for me.
  12. Paulpark222
    I own Dulcimer, Tennmak IE800, Piano, Banjo and Turbo. (Will order Tennmak Pro today..)
    It will take some time till I write reviews for these, but yes I think you won't regret your purchase :)
  13. carltonh

    Ooh, I see they just discounted the Pro on Aliexpress, so I ordered that too. I'll probably receive it quicker than the Banjo from Gearbest, going by my history.
  14. carltonh

    Can you give a quick comparison between sound of Piano vs. Banjo?
  15. sikahr
    Dulcimer@Gearbest, 10$, Coupon Eteinear
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