Temp Trade/Try-out: My HD600 w/cardas for your Stax
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Jan 6, 2008
Hi! I hope this is an ok place for this kind of post, since I don't see too many trade/try-out requests or offers. I would like to try out a Stax set-up for a couple weeks - ideally something still in production like the SRS-2050II or the SRS-005II. In exchange, you can try out my Senn HD600 phones (new foam) with 10ft cardas cable. I'd even send along the Millett Starving Student Hybrid amp that I built if you don't have a suitable amp of your own. We can split shipping costs if there's a significant difference.

I have some feedback here and lots on ebay over the past 10 years.

The Stax sound is very intriquing to me, but I find listening at head-fi meets doesn't provide enough time/proper setting for a really good listen.

Hope someone responds! Cheers, Joe

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