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Tell us how you feel about Sonic Electronix

  1. SonicElectronix
    What's Up Head-Fi Community!
    We're looking for insight from our customers & want to know how you feel about Sonic Electronix.
    Besides pricing and deals (which we will continually update HERE), tell us what you love / like / dislike / strongly dislike about our site and your shopping experience.
    -An experience you've had using our site / testimonial / Tell us your story. 
    -Do you like or dislike navigating though the site?
    -Did you find what you're looking for?
    -Why do you buy from us?
    -What has stopped you from buying from us in the past?
    We look forward to reading the feedback and want to thank everyone for the continued support! 
    -Kim W.
  2. Hi-Fi EDU
    Hey Kim. Guess I'll drop something.
    In my limited experience, I haven't had much issue navigating or using your website. I like your pricing/deals thread on here and some of your bundled deals. I'm still deciding how much I dislike the number of promo e-mails I receive... [​IMG] So far I've had three shopping interactions with Sonic Electronix (SE). All three revolved around two relatively unique features of yours: Mystery Deal & Name your Price. With only one of my experiences did I get exactly what I wanted: a great mystery deal that surprisingly allowed me to use a coupon as well. That was my first shopping experience with SE and I bought from you because it was a smokin' deal that was quickly honored.
    The other two experiences involved me trying to use your Name Your Price offer. Very few retailers explicitly have such an offer, so it seems nice...when it works. On one occasion, I knew the item I wanted was out of stock but when I named a price I got zero responses/updates about it. The second time I tried the name your price, I was told the item was from a brand you didn't carry. Not really a slight against SE but it meant I had to look elsewhere. Therefore it seems like the only thing that has stopped me from buying from SE so far has been stock availability and/or a lack of relevant stock updates (granted I didn't use any "notify me" feature). Otherwise, I generally like how SE operates and will at least consider you guys if I was looking for something audio-related.
  3. SonicElectronix
    Hi-Fi Edu,
    Thank you for your input, we appreciate the feedback and will work better on some points that you highlighted. 
    want to apologize for not getting back to this reply earlier, as well of prior engagements you've had with us. Thanks again for your input.
    Kim W.
    Sonic Electronix

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