Technics RP-dj 1200 vs. AT ath-pro700 vs AKG k181dj
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Feb 1, 2008
Hey I've spent the past month researching great headphones for my lifestyle, and I've narrowed it down to these three. I know they're all great for dj purposes anyone else have any other input? Which would be the closes to super high end audiophile cans in your opinion? What is your general preference? Which will be best amped or un-amped? This will be my first pair of cans so I want to do it right. Thanks to everyone that's helped me so far!
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I tried out RP-JD1200s for about 4 hours but I could not stand them. Bass overpowered any treble or midrange. Big boomy bass, but uncontrolled and muddy. For electronica, it sounded all right, but vocals were distorted as well as any high notes. Granted, they sounded better than a pair of skullcandies, but V700s sounded better IMO.

I have a pair of PRO700MS (with a broken headband) and I used them for outdoor use. I thought they were quite uncomfortable, because I have a big-ish size head and clamping force was too much. They sound a LOT BETTER than DJ1200s, but their bass was still overpowering - but more detail and clarity in mid range. Treble was still little recessed due to overpowering bass, however. I would give rating of 6 on PRO700s and score of 1.5 on DJ1200s.

As for K181 DJ's I have never tried them so I can't personally comment on them.

I have been staying away from bass-heavy 'phones because I prefer detail and balanced sound over big bass.

I have tried DT770/80ohms and they have big bass with fair amount of clarity and detail - but they benefit from an amp.

ATH-ES7s provide more balanced sound with good soundstage and details

HD280s have less bass, but they are good, accurate headphones (at least a lot more than RPO700s)

Many others like Equation audio RP-21s and Ultrasone DJ1s but I cannot comment on them as I have never tried - I suggest that you use the "search" function to find some reviews about them.

We generally don't recommand DJ1200s and PRO700s in this forum, because there are much better choices at that price range.

I hope that helped, and Welcome to Head-fi, and sorry about your wallet!

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