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Technics is back

  1. GSARider Contributor
    Technics have just announced two new systems, flagship one being 30,000 Euros and a second more modest system around 6,000 Euros I think...

  2. ruthieandjohn
    Fabulous inspiring video...Thanks!
  3. jackskelly
    Wow, this is exciting. It'll be interesting to see how this relaunch turns out.
  4. Currawong Contributor
    They look to be all-digital, including the power amps. That should definitely be interesting. 
  5. purk Contributor
    I hope they are ready to join the hi-rez DAPs party.  
  6. pwodarz
  7. mccarver
    I sure hope they are not trying to capitalize on their own name...
  8. lamode
    As someone who owns the best digital amplifier on the Market (Tact/Lyngdorf Millenium) I am curious to see the Technics take on an all-digital amplifier, if that's indeed what it is.
  9. DAMX
    As someone who owned a Technics system 15 years ago I am equally interested to see how they'll do in the current market.
    The sad part is that I don't quite remember how that A900S sounded like....blurry years. And it's even worse when I think that I simply gave that system away to an uncle who promptly sold it and now it would have been awesome to see how it sounds with my actual DAC and speakers.

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