Technics EAH-T700

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by S-O8, Sep 1, 2017.
  1. S-O8
    Anyone got these ?

    I want a closed pair of headphones for home use and am looking at Audeze EL-8 Closed (I already have the open set) or the Technics which I have heard and was really impressed !

    I know a few reviews have slated them but I actually liked them and was listening at the same time as Focal Elears so they can't be too bad as they sounded good then !!

    I can get them at a really, really good price so I am not paying anywhere near list - which makes them appeal a lot more and puts them in a similar price band to the EL-8's and Oppo PM-3 (which I already have).

    Any views from people who have them or have heard the Technics ?
  2. brams
    I posted my impressions here:

    Not a bad unit at all; I quite like them despite a bit of brightness in the treble. If you can get them for a good price then go for it. I actually loaned mine to a fellow head-fier recently and he was quite surprised at how good they sounded.
  3. S-O8
    Thanks. I didn't find the treble too bright on my initial try of them ... but then I have 2 pairs of Grado's ! I can get them at a 'staff' price which is a lot more appealing than the retail so will see when they have them back in stock (expected soon apparently).
  4. S-O8
    Well, I got a pair ! Impressed out of the box so guess after a bit of use they will get better .... the demo pair I tried were a bit more detailed so I am guessing some use will make them better - definitely not deserving a 2 star review by What HiFi on the basis of a couple of hours listening and they seem far better out of the box than my Audeze EL-8 or Oppo PM-2's !!

    I go them at a heavily discounted staff price so that makes them more appealing too :smile_phones:
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  5. S-O8
    After over a week all I can say is wow ! So good and really under the radar. I know I go them cheap but they are seriously good and not deserving of the review in What HiFI ! These are seriously good cans with good bass, midrange and detail ! The soundstage is not good due to the closed nature of the headphones but OMG these are good !
  6. brams
    Glad to hear you like them too. Lately I am using these a lot even over my Utopias and modified TH900. It's a different, but very enjoyable signature and the build quality is first rate. With my setup I even find the soundstage to be very good.

    Don't know if What Hifi has something against Technics or maybe their reviewers just don't like that signature, but I had a similar experience with the Technics speaker they reviewed. What Hi Fi hated them and Stereophile gave them a class A rating! My impressions of the speakers were firmly in the camp of Stereophile and were reinforced by the objective measurements. A glaring example of why you really cannot base your decisions solely on someone else's impression.
  7. S-O8
    Did the sound change much over use ?
  8. brams
    Yes. The treble over time appeared to sound more "natural" with less of a metallic sheen.

    I'm sure some (maybe a lot) of it is my getting accustomed to the signature, but some is definitely a change in the product.
  9. S-O8
    Thanks :)
  10. vcmusik
    Just saw this thread but I happen to have a T700 and I love it. It doesn't seem to get along with my Vali 2, but when using it with solid state sources (my table and phone) it sounds great. I just wish there was more subbass and less midbass. I've got a Sony TA-ZH1ES amp coming next week, and the T700 happens to be compatible with Sony's Kimber Kables, so I'm excited to hear how it sounds in balanced mode. Will report back if anyone's interested.
  11. brams
    Would love to hear how these sound balanced. These cans definitely deserve more love!

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