Technics EAH-T700

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by S-O8, Sep 1, 2017.
  1. S-O8
    Anyone got these ?

    I want a closed pair of headphones for home use and am looking at Audeze EL-8 Closed (I already have the open set) or the Technics which I have heard and was really impressed !

    I know a few reviews have slated them but I actually liked them and was listening at the same time as Focal Elears so they can't be too bad as they sounded good then !!

    I can get them at a really, really good price so I am not paying anywhere near list - which makes them appeal a lot more and puts them in a similar price band to the EL-8's and Oppo PM-3 (which I already have).

    Any views from people who have them or have heard the Technics ?
  2. brams
    I posted my impressions here:

    Not a bad unit at all; I quite like them despite a bit of brightness in the treble. If you can get them for a good price then go for it. I actually loaned mine to a fellow head-fier recently and he was quite surprised at how good they sounded.
  3. S-O8
    Thanks. I didn't find the treble too bright on my initial try of them ... but then I have 2 pairs of Grado's ! I can get them at a 'staff' price which is a lot more appealing than the retail so will see when they have them back in stock (expected soon apparently).
  4. S-O8
    Well, I got a pair ! Impressed out of the box so guess after a bit of use they will get better .... the demo pair I tried were a bit more detailed so I am guessing some use will make them better - definitely not deserving a 2 star review by What HiFi on the basis of a couple of hours listening and they seem far better out of the box than my Audeze EL-8 or Oppo PM-2's !!

    I go them at a heavily discounted staff price so that makes them more appealing too :smile_phones:
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  5. S-O8
    After over a week all I can say is wow ! So good and really under the radar. I know I go them cheap but they are seriously good and not deserving of the review in What HiFI ! These are seriously good cans with good bass, midrange and detail ! The soundstage is not good due to the closed nature of the headphones but OMG these are good !
  6. brams
    Glad to hear you like them too. Lately I am using these a lot even over my Utopias and modified TH900. It's a different, but very enjoyable signature and the build quality is first rate. With my setup I even find the soundstage to be very good.

    Don't know if What Hifi has something against Technics or maybe their reviewers just don't like that signature, but I had a similar experience with the Technics speaker they reviewed. What Hi Fi hated them and Stereophile gave them a class A rating! My impressions of the speakers were firmly in the camp of Stereophile and were reinforced by the objective measurements. A glaring example of why you really cannot base your decisions solely on someone else's impression.
  7. S-O8
    Did the sound change much over use ?
  8. brams
    Yes. The treble over time appeared to sound more "natural" with less of a metallic sheen.

    I'm sure some (maybe a lot) of it is my getting accustomed to the signature, but some is definitely a change in the product.
  9. S-O8
    Thanks :)

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