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Teac UD 503 DAC (2015 New Release, DXD, DSD256)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by kawaivpc1, Jun 14, 2015.
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  1. Josef Parran
    I'm also looking for the output impedance of the headphone amp.

    [edit: found this earlier in the thread]
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  2. Serge Bernamej
    Hello joe, omg, what you say is so hard to believe...do still stand by your impression that the TEAC sounds sweeter and more analog than the Gumby?
  3. FlemmingBach
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  4. frogmeat69
  5. axtran
    Anyone else here use the built-in headphone amp in balanced mode? Figured I'd comment here, since I also did on Massdrop.

    It is worth it to purchase (or make) a dual 6.3mm TS to 4-pin XLR cable to take advantage of maximum power on the UD-503 if you use its amplifier! I found that it drives all of my headphones (except for my T50RP derived ones) pretty well!
  6. foreverzer0
    Yes, I think it's worth it. I believe there are several on ebay, but might be listed for the rme adi 2 pro which has a similar balanced out. You might have to look at their pin out to see if it's identical.
  7. Josef Parran
    I'd say it largely depends on the impedance of your headphone.
    Specs list 500mW max power at 32 ohms, 700mW in balanced mode. Note that this is max peak power, not max continuous power.
    It's good with most headphones but anything over 300 ohms and I'm looking for a dedicated amp.
    Interestingly the amp section on the successor UD-505 is exactly the same so I guess most people have been happy with it.
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  8. kodreaming
    Any UD-503 owners experience issues with the headphone volume level fluctuation (both outputs)? It started to happen a few months ago (I have had the unit for about 2 years).

    I emailed TEAC they said I will have to ship it back so they can check the unit. But it doesn't happen all the time consistently...
  9. TominJapan
    bhphotovideo.com HAD the UD-503-S for sale for $599, seems offer is gone already...
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  10. calluna
    I have ud-505. I'm using foobar. There are Asio: teac asio usb driver and DS: teac usb audio device in output device. I'm able only to choose DS, Asio dosen't work. Is it correct ( and teac asio is only for TEAC HR Audio Player? ) or something is wrong? I used iFi with asio for example.
  11. lacknothing
    Thanks for the links.
    The UD-503 seems to make excessive use of the Rohm TT8K11 MOSFETs I haven't seen before.

    Any take on these?
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  12. foreverzer0
    Anyone use hd800's with these? Seems it sounds better with active ground rather than balanced (in which balanced sounds better with my planar). I also prefer both with dsd 150k upconversion.
  13. ve3fnd
    Just ditched my Chord Hugo (tired of replacing batteries) and got a UD-503, What headphones should I look at getting to go with it. I just have a set of Sennheiser momentums that I use for on the go, not bad but looking for better over ear options.
  14. Marvin42
    Hi, i have the UD-505 and i'm using it with an AKG K701 and a Beyer Dynamic DT990 PRO. Both sound great with a more round sound from the Beyer and more neutral with the AKG K701. If i had to choose betwenn the two that would be the AKG K701 for the fact that the soundstage is clearly wider and the confort is really great for long listening session. In general, i would recommend an open headphone to go with such an amp and for a home usage.
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  15. ve3fnd
    Thanks Marvin42, I will look in to the AKG K701.
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