Teac UD 503 DAC (2015 New Release, DXD, DSD256)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by kawaivpc1, Jun 14, 2015.
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  1. ReignofError
    Well my NT-503 Blutooth and network module stopped working. Dead for some reason. TEAC's customer service at this point is terrible. Zero response from multiple emails to the warranty support contact on their home page last week. I'm not too happy. I tried the hard reset in the manual to no avail. I am curious if anyone else has had issues.
    [edit: issue with setup - appears ok - but still slow responses from Teac before I figured it out).
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  2. foreverzer0
    I've recently purchased a UD-503 from another member here. I'm curious whether people use the auto-standby feature. On one hand, it does save electricity. On the other, I'm not sure if it's good for performance if circuits, amps, clocks are being cooled when they typically perform best at a stable temperature.

    In addition, is there a consensus on what filter you guys use? What's the most linear/accurate? FIR Sharp?

  3. dkreithen
    I see nobody has responded to you. I have both a UD-501 and UD-503, one on my headphone system and the other on the "good" stereo system. I use the standby as a matter of course - just more convenient to power it on using the remote rather than the physical switch on the unit itself. It's all solid state, I wouldn't worry about longevity of components and such.

    I've found the filters on both the UD-501 and UD-503 to sound virtually identical, no matter the setting. They sound a *little* different (emphasis on little) but not better or worse. This is of course testing it on classical recordings done in a real acoustic space with real acoustic instruments.
  4. foreverzer0
    Thanks! I've actually settled on dsd upsampling with 150k filter band. Sounds more open and less digital to me.
  5. gandahar
  6. axtran
    After 8 months of ownership, my UD-503 has fully suppressed my GAS since I'm so happy with them. Using them to feed an Audio-GD Master 9, the setup is just perfect!
  7. dkreithen
    Indeed, I'm very happy with both my UD-501 and the UD-503. I can't imagine that the UD-505 will be any different. Has anyone gone to the extent of connecting a GPS-disciplined 10 MHz clock to the UD-503? If so, any improvement?
  8. foreverzer0
    They also have a matching 10 MHz clock coming too: https://teac.jp/jp/product/cg-10m/top
  9. dkreithen
    I've used my HD800's with the Teac UD-503 and UD-501. My best advice is to use these Teac units as D/A's but not use the built-in headphone amp. The HD800's are driven OK by either unit's built-in headphone amp, but to be frank, the amps pale in comparison to many separate headphone amps. I've tried mine with an Arcam rHead (which was clearly better) and the Bryston BHA-1, which was much, much better. There is really no comparison. That said, the UD-501 and UD-503 are excellent D/A's for the money. I've been completely happy with them used as D/A's only.
  10. frogmeat69
    Same, I use an iFi iCan Pro with my NT-503 and love it.
  11. gandahar
    for this who own the ud-503 and have 230v version , where did you got it from ?
    did any of you got it from the european amazon sites ?

    how would the ud-503 compares to fostex hp-a4 or the xonar stx ?
  12. Josef Parran
    Does anyone know the UD-503's power output into higher loads than the 32Ω spec'd by TEAC?
  13. axtran
    I wonder how we could go about finding someone who's actually paired one of these with blind test and long-term impressions. Feels like it's impossible unless you know some Japanese people with access to the product.
  14. foreverzer0
    I would imagine it's like the antelope audio rubidium clock add on. I think king rex had one too..
  15. Josef Parran
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