Teac UD 503 DAC (2015 New Release, DXD, DSD256)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by kawaivpc1, Jun 14, 2015.
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  1. jerry1130
    I also haven't experienced this with anything other than my Shure SE846 which are 8 ohm IEMs. TH-X00 sounded fantastic with my UD-503.
  2. Gonzi
    Yeah, I've used single ended output.
  3. Gonzi
    I think it's individual perception. And what is used as reference. I know how TH-X00 could sound with powerful textured bass. With UD-503 it was not so good. It's listenable of course, not completely bad. But when you heared them sounding better it's hard to be satisfied with less.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  4. jerry1130
    I compared them with an IFI iDSD BL and Grace M9XX, both capable of driving the TH-X00 wonderfully. But I definitely heard the distortion in my Shure SE846. To be fair, the spec sheets don't include 8 ohm impedance.
  5. DivineCurrent
    Hmm, that's a bit high. Thank you for the info.
  6. bflat
    Teac uses current matching so it's not the same 8-1 rule. Look at the frequency response measurement in the same article - load is 25 ohms and the measurement is ruler flat (within 1 dB). If there was impedance mismatch, there would be significant lower frequency bloat and high frequency roll off. Like all audio components, best to give an audition before committing to dollars.
  7. Moochibond
    Thought it may be helpful to share;

    I've had a 503 for approx. 6 months and think it drives/pairs really well with my Sennheiser HD 800. Very smooth with lots of detail (refined) with good extension at both ends. Very musical and enjoyable.

    Had HE-6 (driven by speaker taps 120W class A/B Arcam amplifier, so well amped, warm amplifier) for a short while. This was NOT a good experience.

    503 also sounds great with AT MSR 7.

    Previously owned the 501 which in comparison i found to be harsh/thin/etched and un-refined.
  8. jerry1130
    Have you tried it with active ground mode? It takes the amp to another level in terms of dynamics. This unit is definitely underrated. That's not even mentioning how capable the pre-amp and DAC sections are. I use a pair of Focal CMS 65 studio monitors with it and little features like the amp remembering separate pre-out and headphone volume just makes my life so much easier.
  9. Moochibond
    Agreed, active ground does exactly what you and other here describe.

    My theory is; many are not willing to buy/or even demo the 503 because of the poor response the 501 (a completely different animal) received.
  10. slepsnys
    I have one question. I have bought TEAC UD503 dac with preamp function and want to connect active pair of speakers and active sub. Speakers has XLR and sub has only RCA connections. It is possible to split balanced TEAC UD503 preamp output by Y piece to XLR and RCA? Something like this XLR into XLR and RCA by "Y" piece?
  11. jerry1130
    Yes it is possible. I use a Y XLR cable and a XLR to RCA cable for each channel.
  12. slepsnys
    So, when You using xlr onto two xlr and then into two rca on one chanel, yes? You don't mix xlr and rca on one chanel?
  13. jerry1130
    I'm not quite sure I understand your question. You can mix XLR and RCA on the same channel because XLR is RCA with an extra negative channel.
  14. slepsnys
    [XLR to RCA and XLR].png I have made a drawing about y piece I have in mind, please tell me if it is correct and I can connect like this. Thanks
  15. jerry1130
    Yes that is the way I have my setup right now.
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