Teac UD 503 DAC (2015 New Release, DXD, DSD256)
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Apr 9, 2014

UD-503 is a compact enclosure of A4 size, and audio design know-how of TEAC has been cultivated for more than 60 years, is a dual-mono over Lal USB DAC / full balance headphone amplifier which was condensed the design concept of high-end audio.

Also adopted the design concept of "dual mono over Lal Configuration" derived from high-end audio and UD-501, developed by with the latest Asahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd. DAC VERITA AK4490 2 groups to DAC chip DSD11.2MHz, PCM 384kHz / 32bit It supports native playback of format. In addition, the analog output circuit also can be said that the cornerstone of audio, a new current transmission enhanced buffer amplifier "TEAC-HCLD" circuit for 4 circuit installed, in full balance at the time of XLR balanced output, and parallel imbalance at the time of RCA unbalanced output in drive. We realized D / A converter portion having the expressive power that exceeds the class. Headphone amplifier, discrete configuration that share the amplifier section and the line amplifier. Front panel is equipped with two groups a TRS phone jack, it has the driving force of high-dimensional as a full balance / parallel unbalanced drive the headphone amplifier. In addition, it can use it as a high-quality preamplifier with high precision volume "TEAC-QVCS" a remote control that can be set in 256 steps.

UD-503 is the next generation of USB DAC / headphone amplifier leading to desktop audio to the next stage.

------------- Google translated ---------------
In design and design (balanced), the Teac UD-503 maintains a substantially similar base of its predecessor, damage moreover, that the manufacturer has still not removed the front handles. For this new model, the Japanese manufacturer abandons the Texas Instruments chips in favor of a dual DAC AKM AK4490, it also troueve two separate clocks for the treatment of multiple 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. An input terminal for an external clock (10 MHz) is also available. The headphone amplifier section is controlled by a discrete Class AB amplifier. The set remains powered by two transformer rings (one per channel).

In terms of functionality, Teac provides a function of upsampling to 384 kHz for the PCM stream, which can themselves be converted into DSD 11.2 MHz and 12.2 MHz DSD. The DAC also offers four types of filters to PCM, and two DSD digital filters. Finally, note that it will be also possible to use the UD-503 as a preamplifier through asymmetric or symmetric XLR RCA, with an adjustable volume directly from the front panel potentiometer. Finally just on connectivity, the Teac UD-503 offers an XLR output, analog input / output RCA, USB-B input, an optical input, one coaxial input, dual output Jack 6.35mm, and an input Clock Sync . A remote control will be delivered with the device.

The launch of Teac UD-503 is scheduled for summer 2015 in Japan, it will probably wait until autumn 2015 before a European launch.

Features Teac UD-503:

  1. DAC
  2. Dual-mono topology
  3. Double toroidal transformer
  4. Double AKM AK4490 DAC Asahi Kasei
  5. Master Clock 44.1 & 48 kHz
  6. Volume control circuit VSQC
  7. DSD decoding PCM &
  8. Upsampling to 384 kHz / 24-bit DSD & 11.2 / 12.2 MHz
  9. Digital filters
  10. Connections: XLR, RCA, USB-B, x2 Jack 6.3 mm, Clock Sync
  11. Remote control
UD 503 is a follow-up model of their reference DAC UD 501.
It just came out last month (May 2015).
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Feb 13, 2015
really interesting....
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Aug 25, 2014

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Apr 9, 2014
  I received a reply from TEAC regarding availability of TEAC UD 503 in the U.S:
Should be available in October at an MSRP of $1900.
No pre-orders.

1900 USD?? wow... they're selling this for $1100 in Hong Kong and Japan now. 
If you're in Hong Kong, you can get this for 1100 USD. 
Where does that extra 800 dollars fee coming from?
Did they say they will supply this on Amazon?
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Mar 27, 2015
I don't believe that the price will be 1900$, that would be nearly 3x the price of the UD-501, and it doesn't make any sense, since you can buy the UD-501+HA-501 combo for a lot less money.
I'll wait for reviews, but while the technical specs are impressive, the internals of the unit look less organized than the UD-501, and features like the clock sync in my opinion are mostly useless and increase the cost unnecessarily. That money could be invested in improving the power supply and the headphone amplifier (it is class AB, while the HA-501 is class A and beefier but doesn't offer a balanced option, so probably a new model will follow).
Anyway, before making any assumptions the wise thing is to wait until reviews appear.

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