TEAC UD-501 on Linux with MPD
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Nov 23, 2010
I wanted to report in on the TEAC UD-501.

I just got this unit to test it out with Linux and MPD. I have been using MPD for years and really love the audio listening paradigm it supports.

In short, this DAC seems to have some problems with USB and Linux. You can get it to play out of the box, but (on pcm) when you change sampling frequencies it borks up and has to be stopped/started again. As for DSD there is a loud pop at the beginning of each track, you can also avoid this by stopping/starting (Stop the last track before it ends then start the next track... quite manual).

I'm posting to hear from anyone who might have experienced this and found a fix for their issues. Here is a gist with some of by information for debugging purposes:

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Actually should have posted an update long ago:
TEAC UD-501 on Fedora 19 with MPD 0.17.3 works perfectly.
I think it might have been the commit in kernel 3.10.7
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Thanks for the update!
I might try a similar setup on my Slackware system.
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Quite a great piece of equipment!
If anyone else ran into the issue of hearing pops when changing dsf tracks, please see the discussion here:

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