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Tea Thread

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  1. ampgalore
    Lipton uses the lowest grade tea leaf finishings in their tea packets.

    A decent grade tea uses real tea leafs.
  2. minya

    Originally Posted by raymondlin
    If you guys like tea, you should get a electric kettle pronto !

    A plain old tea kettle works just fine. Boiling water isn't exactly a difficult or involved task.

    - Chris
  3. TrevorNetwork
    I am a huge green tea freak. It's a sad, sad, obsession. It costs a bloody fortune, but it tastes -so- good. Well, that and it's very healthy. I am a big fan of dragon wheel, gen mai cha, matcha, gyokuro, jasmine pearl, and sencha. I drink 3-6 cups per day. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. ampgalore
    What are you drinking Trevornetwork that's costing you a fortune?

    Don't get yourself addicted to high class green tea. Everyday green tea should work just as well, and they are very cheap.
  5. raymondlin

    Originally Posted by minya
    A plain old tea kettle works just fine. Boiling water isn't exactly a difficult or involved task.

    - Chris

    The ironic thing is that it cost more to get a stainless kettle here than a electric one.

    So a plain old tea kettle is in fact a electric one [​IMG] [​IMG] It's also safer, turns itself off when the water is boiled.
  6. TrevorNetwork

    Sadly, I can -really- differentiate between low grade tea, and high grade green tea. The company I work at is 80%+ from mainland China, and they're all tea addicts as well. One of them gave me some half-decent stuff that was quite good and relatively cheap. Although, he said its hard to get. [​IMG]
  7. ampgalore
    Tea addictioin on top of headphone addiction, it's not healthy on your wallet. [​IMG]

    If you want to save money, plan a family trip to mainland China. They have lots of quality green tea at bargain basement prices.
  8. ampgalore
    Sadly, once we get a taste of really high end stuff, we can never get used to low end stuff again.

    That's why I am staying away from high grade green tea. [​IMG]

    But I am already done for with this audiophile curse. [​IMG]

    I can never listen to a boombox again.
  9. TrevorNetwork
    *lol* way too true. Thankfully tea addiction is actually very healthy. I have no intentions of cutting down or stopping. All this talk about tea made me grab the dauerfilter, gyokuro, and my tea mug. [​IMG]

    mmmmm.... soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood.

    <writhing on floor>
  10. Audio Redneck
    Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea. I tend to forget about it in the warmer months and then pick it up again when it cools off.
  11. upangel180
    I drink tea all the time (especially at work). My current favorites are Repulic of Tea Dragonwell, Sky between the branches, and the tea of inquiry.
  12. PinkFloyd
    Darjeeling edit.
  13. ampgalore
    Do we have to get started on Japanese tea making ritual?

    That whole thing is just painful. And what do they put in those teas anyways? Do they grind up the tea leafs? Because all I see is some thick green goo.
  14. PinkFloyd
    Teabag edit.
  15. ampgalore
    It's funny how history works.

    The Chinese first invented the teas. Then it spread to the rest of the world, Japan, Britain.

    Even though the Chinese invented the tea, the Chinese still have the simplest way of preparing tea. Boil a kettle of water, pour the boiling water into a cup containg some tea leafs. Cover the cup. Let it stand for sometime for it to cool down a bit. Then drink up.

    The Japanese and the British have invented more elaborate ways of tea preparation. Must have learned to add a touch of voodoo magic to their teas.[​IMG]

    Now that I think about it, the source of water used in tea preparation is very important in Chinese tea making. Used to be to prepare the highest grade green tea, people had to collect ice from well known mountain peaks, and use the melted ice to prepare the tea. Or people would morning dews from certain flowers. Once enough dews are collected, they are boiled and used to prepare teas.

    There are other elaborate ingredients you can use, but I can't remember all of them off the top of my head.
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