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Tea or Coffee ?

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  1. kwkarth

    Originally posted by Apheared

    Ha! Apheared! You're the master of understatement!

    I prefer one cup of coffee a day made with my own home roasted, hand ground beans, dripped through a single cup gold filter, black.

    The rest of the day I prefer green tea or water.

  2. DanG Moderator
    I usually try to drink tea but sometimes I just need the caffeine boost that only coffee can give. And with both tea and coffee, no sugar or cream!
  3. Redwoood

    Originally posted by stuartr
    There are lots of good herbal teas without caffeine...drink chamomile tea. [...]

    Thanks man, but that stuff is absulutely horrible. Can't stand the smell.
    I will look for a nice herbal tea though, but till then I'll stick to this decaf crap - at least it reminds me of real tea (that I love so much)

    BTW: Does anybody here know these insanely sweet artificially coloured/flavoured fruit teas they serve in Turkey for dessert?


  4. dhwilkin Contributor
    Ugh, my mom used to drink herbal teas. I tried, and was thoroughly disgusted by, all of them. [​IMG]
  5. Dusty Chalk Contributor
    Actually, getting off the mount here for a second, there was this awesome tea by the king of all herbal teas, Celestial Seasonings, but they made this one hyper-brew called "Fast Lane". It was awesome. It had more caffeine in it than drip coffee (they even had a chart on the side to prove it -- not as much as a double espresso, though). Then it was also laced with Ginseng and a few other things -- resulting in, easily, the best tasting tea I have ever tried. Even had a Sun Tzu -type character on the front -- flying, no less -- with a couple of executives, one on either arm (probably ones that had read "The Art of War").

    Now that's the stuff.

    Anyway, they discontinued it. :frowning2:

    I would like to find a good replacement for it, at least taste-wise. I feel guilty drinking "Sleepytime" at work, so I don't, even though it's another of my favorites, taste-wise.

    So, anyone familiar with what I'm talking about? Got any suggestions?

    I guess I should give some background: this tea needs to have full frequency response, and as flat as possible. Caffeinated or otherwise. I listen to both classical and rock and a lot of stuff in between and "outside the box". Twinings English Breakfast is my favorite of the English Breakfast blends. Crossfeed is completely unnecessary. Earl Grey is way too perfumey for my tastes. I like tubes.
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  6. skippy
    i've been pretty tense and stressed out lately, and have had trouble sleeping, so i no longer have the need for caffiene. to relax i do like that sleepytime stuff, but i prefer the pure chamomile tea. a couple of strong cups helps me relax.
  7. M Rael
    Behold! One of the great modern implements!:


    Pic courtesy of MarksEspressoLair
  8. Trawlerman

    It just gotta be. I'm British so what else am I supposed to drink. It's like out national past time.

    I only drink Coffee when i'm in the office as we don't have facilities to make a pot of Tea. Can't say I enjoy Coffee that much though. Tastes like it has been freshly brewed in the River Humber!

  9. Spareribs
    Lately I’ve been making cold oolong tea but using high quality oolong leaves and I have to admit, it is excellent. I just cold steep the tea over night in the refrigerator in a quart size container. There is a huge difference using higher quality leaves.

    Also, in my opinion when drinking high quality tea, sugar is a distraction to the complex flavor profiles so NO sugar is usually best.....although admittedly I do like the sweet Thai iced tea.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  10. spacellardoor5
    I want to drink more tea, but with the winter I'm just in love with a big cup of coffee with some pastries.
  11. Spareribs
    Oh yes, that’s true. Good coffee and pastry is one of the greatest things in life.
  12. Samplingentropy
    Coffee, a couple of litres a day..
    I know, I'm an addict
  13. cj3209
    I'm drinking a lot more black tea (English Breakfast steeped for a few minutes with some steamed milk) - it's really good and a great coffee alternative for me. But I still love my coffee via my Nespresso machine...
  14. pikapika
    I like drinking asian teas. I always enjoyed drinking it when I was a kid. The bitterness did not bother me. I also like coffee, but I prefer to drink ice coffee over hot coffee.
  15. cj3209
    Gads, I've been drinking Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea with a bit of steamed milk and leaving the bag in the cup...its like drinking mild coffee. Very good actually...
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