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Tea or Coffee ?

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  1. Onix
    I voted coffee 'cause I drink it most of the time at the office and every morning at home since my baby was born, but I love tea and chocolate also. It just depends of the moment.
  2. BenG
    Ah christ, only one vote for coke, but no Slurpees? I guess you all live too far away from 7-11. Let me tell you when you live two blocks from 7-11, you've had way too many slurpees. Ahh slushies, trailor thrash gold. Pina Coloda w/ vodka after coming home from the bar and nothing is open after 3 am. Freezing your tail off when it's raining cuz you can't get rid of your addiction to frozen sewage. Nothing like it. I even have the special brain freeze straw.
  3. beowulf
    Hmm this isn't easy.
    I definitely prefer good coffee with no sugar for the taste. I mean good strong coffee, now that washed out "full cup" stuff that americans drink (hehe, had to rub it in, sorry guys).

    But I also like tea, green tea that is. The real deal with all the antioxidant properties and good-for-your-health-stuff.

    That's how I keep my healthy greenish hue.
  4. gerG Contributor
    This is the funniest thread that I have read on this site yet.

    Go re-read apheared's posts aloud and really really fast with all of the words run together and your eyes held as wide open as possible and you will see what I mean.

    No offense apheared. It struck me as funny. I very much appreciate seeing someone do things right, and you have got coffee dialed in! A true enthusiast.

    I had the caffeine monkey on my back for years. I finally got it off, so I drink de-caf coffee all day long because I like the flavor (dark roast, freshly ground).

    I get to have tea on the weekends. Really strong tea tastes better than coffee to me, but I like both.

    Does anybody know where I can find Manhatten Earl Grey tea? Cost Plus used to carry it, but quit. It had an amazing and unique flavor.
  5. neil
    Wow, this thread is ancient and brought back to life. Since I'm here -- I have to say that my favorite coffee of the year is this Chicory (sp?) stuff from Cafe Du Monde. All of you rowdy clowns who have made it down to Mardi Gras in New Orleans probably had a coffee and doughnut at this famous 24/7 joint. Our local grocer stocks their stuff in a can, and man alive, I love it.
  6. citroeniste
    Coffee is the secret to life. However, you have to be careful and not get that over-roasted Starbucks/Caribou dross. I prefer European coffees. Julius Meinl (my fav even before I moved to the home of the Melange), EduScho, Moevenpick, and Jacob are all available in the US if you look hard enough, as is Lavazza espresso.

    (In Atlanta, try Harry's Farmers Market or take a drive up to Helen. Harris Teeter used to carry Meinl but alas, they're no more. Aurora also has some nice blends, as does Cormee on the Marietta Square.)

    Cocoa is usually bad, but I still remember a very memorable one I had at Alain Ducasse's restauarant in Paris. It was made from some amazing chocolate, infused with creme. It was very thick, and served in an espresso cup. (Any more than that would've made me sick, I think!)

    As for tea, I like a good chai but otherwise, it's not my thing. Actually, today I feel like a sinner, because I went to the new Starbucks here in Vienna (opened yesterday) and got a chai latte. Imagine that, Starbucks invading the home of the Kaffeehaus!


    Originally posted by Redwoood
    Hi there!

    I'm bored and I should be studying for my last exam tomorrow... but I don't really care, so enjoyin a hot cup of tea I was wondering: why not posting a poll (I've never done that)

    So here we GO...

    Do you like coffee or do you prefer tea?

  7. freethetree
    Hot cocoa all the way! Godiva dark chocolate truffle and chocolate mocha are my favorite. Mmmm mmmm good. The milk chocolate is kinda wimpy though.
  8. neil
    Hey freethetree -- ever see the movie Chocolat with Juliette Binoche? Okay, I'm getting geeky with my links -- think I'm posting on Slashdot or something..

    Anyhow.. if so, think you'd drink that hot cocoa that she was making? Stuff looked like what I pour out of my drain pan when I change oil in my car. Okay, so I don't change my oil, but when I did, I remember what it looked like. [​IMG]
  9. Neruda

    Originally posted by Apheared
    You wanted a background on Apheared? What does Apheared do when he's not blowing stuff up with those uber-amps? This. This is what he does.

    so, um...you roast your own coffee beans? 'Cause kwkarth does and, I, well...um, I just thought it was...I'll shut up now.
  10. stuartr
    mmmmmmm Coffee...I like espresso or strong cappuccino. But I am also a very big fan of Japanese tea. They have some really nice stuff...I have a sort of roasted blend that my Japanese student gave to me when she had to go back to Japan. It is very good. She also had green tea with rice crisps in it, boy was that good...
    As for decaf coffee, I don't know what to say. It was more interesting when they were using methyl tertiary butyl ether to remove the caffeine, because at least then you were flirting with death. Now they are using MTBE in gasoline...mmmm unleaded....
  11. Redwoood
    Whoopsie, what's happening here? Somebody's revived this
    old thread... pretty cool.

    Ok, on-topic.
    I've moved to decaffeinated tea only. This stuff tastes like liquid crap, but drinking at least 7 cups of tea a day I'm really wondering if all this caffeine is good for you.

    just in case you were interested... [​IMG]


  12. freethetree
    neil - Nope never seen that one. Is it any good? I do love chocolate... [​IMG] Speaking of chocolate, its almost christmas! Time to pick up one of the green Chests of Godiva truffles yum yum!

    >>I've moved to decaffeinated tea only. This stuff tastes like liquid crap, but drinking at least 7 cups of tea a day I'm really wondering if all this caffeine is good for you.

    You used to drink tea because it tastes good. Then you got concerned about the amount of caffeine you were consuming so you switched to decaf... which tastes like "liquid crap". Why drink it then? If you like regular tea and strongly dislike decaf tea why the heck would you drink decaf? Id say either go back to regular or find a new drink. Doesnt make much sense lol [​IMG] .
  13. Redwoood
    Hey, it's still better than hot water....
  14. stuartr
    There are lots of good herbal teas without caffeine...drink chamomile tea. It has a very nice relaxing taste, no caffeine, and it is has some good medicinal properties. It is a mild (very mild) sedative, and it helps with hypertension, but it is very light, so it is not like taking a valium or anything, and you can drink as much as you want. Very good to drink when you have a cold too..
  15. citroeniste
    I wouldn't worry about it. I started drinking "coffee" (the instant, Taster's Choice/Folgers swill that my parents still drink, not the wonderful Julius Meinl or Moevenpick beans that I drink now) at about age 11, usually two cups in the morning. If I don't have my minimum 16oz (0,5L) of coffee a day, I get headaches, but I'm a happy 6'2". My dad is an inch shorter than me, my mom 5'5". (6'2" is 190 or 191 cm for the Europeans out there.)

    I'd be more worried about the water than the coffee. When I lived in Atlanta, the local water quality was so bad that I refused to drink it unless it was distilled. Once I visited Dallas, and the water was actually mouldy smelling.

    Speaking of coffee, have coffee machines that take raw beans and water, grind the beans, and dispense precisely one absolutely perfect cup of coffee at the press of a button migrated to the US yet? I'm probably going to move back there someday, but I'd missing my coffee machine tragically.




    Originally posted by fiddler
    I can't live without coffee.. If i don't have my morning coffee I go nuts.. NUTS I TELL YA!

    I probably have at least 2 cups a day.. which can't be too good for the health.. I'm 16 now, and i suspect the caffeine IS stunting my growth.. I really haven't grown that much this year... I'm a tad worried...

    Can somebody confirm whether coffee really does stunt growth or not?

    BTW I like my coffee black.

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