td 166 mkii cartridge setting gauge?!?
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Jun 25, 2009
hi. (my first post). Just got a thorens td 166 mkii that was supposedly "complete". I took one look at the manual and saw it was supposed to have come with a plastic case-type-thing for the cartridge wand that doubles as a gauge with visual bearings for cartridge set-up. It's a t-63 wand. I've got a shure M97xE cartridge, and no refernce for set-up. Any suggestions, or links would be so greatly appreciated. thanks.
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A gauge is available on eBay, although it's very pricey.

THORENS CARTRIDGE ALIGNMENT GAUGE FOR TP63 TP70 ARMS on (item 330339328790 end time 28-Jun-09 16:53:58 EDT)

Alternatively, you can set up the VTA using an alignment protractor, although it can be a PITA if you haven't done it before (and sometimes even if you have). Here's a link to an introduction to cartridge setup.

A Beginner's Guide to Cartridge Setup

Here is a link to a free, printable Thorens Baerwald alignment protractor (scroll down the page). You will need it to align your cartridge. You must register on the Vinyl Engine site first before you can download it. If you have trouble using it, you can try the Baerwald "stupid protractor" which is easier, but not quite as accurate.

Cartridge Alignment Protractors | Free Turntable, Tonearm & Cartridge Tools | Vinyl Engine

It's worth the effort since you have a very capable table and cartridge. Post if you need any further help and good luck.

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