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Tascam TH-02 - Headphones waiting to be discovered??? (now Appreciation Thread)

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  1. slowpickr
    These are getting glowing reviews on Amazon.  I missed a lightning deal on them last week for $24.  However, regular price is only $30.  Can't find much about them on HeadFi or the web.  These could be another diamond in the rough.  Anyone try them yet?
    Edit:  FWIW, I found this review:
  2. tinyman392
    I don't think too many have heard them yet as the company isn't the largest.  Additionally, the headphones were officially released about 2 months ago :p  
  3. slowpickr
    I thought 2 months was an eternity on HF. [​IMG]
  4. tinyman392
    Generally, if Head-Fi was aware of the product :p  
  5. slowpickr
    Guess we're going to have to wait for some guinea pigs.  I might spring for them if Amazon runs another gold box special.  Those V-Moda metal cross fade headphones seem to be popular on there lately.
  6. slowpickr
    Anyone test drive these yet?  Guess I might have to be the first if they put them on lightning deal again...
  7. Jay_WJ
  8. Jay_WJ
    The following TEAC are exactly the same headphones as the Tascam TH-02 but cost less at this time and come with a bonus carrying pouch:
    http://www.teac.com/product/ct-h02/ (TEAC product page)
    Interestingly, you cannot find the product through Amazon search---there must be some errors in Amazon's automated stocking system. You can only find these through Google search. But I confirm that I ordered and received two pairs of them with no problem. Just much cheaper than the Tascam!
  9. Jay_WJ
    Here is the TEAC in pink:
    Although the title says Black, the headphones ARE Pink (ear pads and headband are pink)----I ordered a pair by mistake (the model number ends with the letter P (pink)). In fact, construction-wise they are a little better because the headband cushion is finished with a leather-like feel. Currently they are only $10! If you know some woman (e.g., girlfriend) who needs indoor headphones, these will be a great choice.
  10. mymymyopie
    I had a $3.65 credit, so they cost me under $8. Funny. They have to be worth that much. 
  11. bhazard
    They're actually quite good. Just got mine.
    Very good mids and highs. Not much bass impact at all, and seems to distort a bit. Still burning them in. Very neutral for a $10-30 headphone, and a good buy. I myself wouldn't pay more than $30 though.
  12. Jay_WJ
    I do not agree with this if you are talking about their quantity of bass. To me, as I stated in my review, they are still somewhat bass oriented compared to headphones with neutral tonal balance. If you do not hear much bass, I strongly suspect that your ear structure does not make a good seal. I have sampled four of these headphones so far, and they are quite consistent in their sound signature. Of course, in terms of cleanness, they are not a top notch performer, but unless you hear at a very loud volume, they are fine. To my ears, their bass distortion is lower than the Creative Aurvana Live!
  13. bhazard
    This is within 30 minutes of listening. I'm hoping they open up with burn in, because as of now they sound very restricted bass wise, both in extension and quantity.
  14. Jay_WJ
    Hmm... Interesting. If this is not a bad seal or a bad sample, still another possibility is that you are accustomed to headphones that have more bass than neutral. For example, ALL the headphones I have tried so far (about 20 models) are more or less bass oriented, even including the SRH440 (I am not talking about extension, but amplitude in 60-90Hz) compared to my reference speaker system that measures flat. Of course, I have not tried, say, the Shure SRH1840 or the Audio Technica AD700 or AD900, which should not be bass heavy according to measurements.
    By the way, burn-in will not do the trick for you. It may change the tonal balance a little, but will never cause a significant change. If you feel a large change, it is only in your head---people who measure drive units know this. Bass response of a driver is accurately predicted by T/S parameters. There are quite a few measurement data that show that T/S parameters before and after break-in do not change substantially to the point affecting perceived sound.
  15. bhazard
    I tried them again on a better source DAC (Hifimediy Sabre A2), and my Bravo tube amp, and it was much better than yesterday. No distortion, bass extended well (still needed a +6db bump to satisfy my basshead cravings), and mids/highs were great. I needed to cut down treble a bit, as cymbals were slightly piercing. They really do sound like a $100 headphone for $15-30. Very impressed. They need more exposure for sure.
    I was testing my HE-500 on a speaker amp before testing these, and I felt the TH did very well in comparison. They aren't in the same league as the HE-500 at all, but I wasn't disappointed and immediately wanting to go back to the HE-500 either.
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