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Tapatalk forum app or tapatalk login at least

  1. nxnje
    Heyo boyz and girls,
    Searching in the forum and digging into some posts i've found many discussions about how people uses the forum.
    I saw a forum app idea that was left written onto a post, some tapatalk people arguing about forum not working anymore on tapatalk but i didn't see any thing about how to use the forum from different platforms.

    Is there a way to login here using tapatalk or some app?
    A so well-known forum should have the chance to be avaiable on a stable app/platform imho. For example i find very uncomfortable browsing in the forum with my browser on mobile, and i think many people like me thinks the same.
    The question is so: will be avaiable one day an app of head-fi forum?
    Could we get access to the forum via other platforms (tapatalk and so on)?

    I don't know if this is the right section, but i really wanted to ask help as i want to navigate in the forum in a comfy way but my chrome browser isn't comfortable at all (at least for me)

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