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TaoTronics TT-EP01 , When good is not expensive

  1. indieke
    There been some mentioning of these, but not saw a dedicated thread.

    Now why I mention this for th public unknown brand? Because I love the sound and payed 30 € fro them.

    I am not a headphone freak and heard less then a lot of you. These are my second IEM only. I have the Sony Mdr 1 A, Audio Technica ATH 7, owned some other before like the Koss porta Pro.

    So my only experience, were the Fioo 9. They broke down after 7 months. I liked them but the treble was a bit too much and bass was imo, not well integrated. I thought they isolated sound well on plane, not being cancelling phones. As I take my Sony for normal use, I needed new one's for the plane, and IEM is so much easier on plane. By accident I stumbled on a review on a french site.

    For 30 €, they got a 4/5 star review, many good talk on Amazon too. So I took the jump and ordered them. When I received them I noticed first the good fitting in my ears, much better then Fioo, that irritated fast. I tested them on my Fioo x3 M 2 player. Well they certainly are powerful, but maybe a bit closed sound, bass was present, a midds very good (voices), but treble was lacking taking a fall. But not everything is recorded the same, and I noticed the bass, although well present, became more tight. Resolution is much better, then at first impression. yes treble not stand out for listeners that love forwarded treble, I would not recommend them. But if you listen longer, you do hear little bells and details, it is just not taking your attention and is put in front.

    If they can sound dull at start, they have a lot going for them. They sound warm, and not agressive, and fatigue is not coming fast. The fast, but not invading bass, is realistic, and does not hang like on my on ear phones, like the Sony A 1. In fact, when I put them on after using these, I found them too heavy and confused in the bass. Like said mids are natural, the best I can say all is well integrated in each other. Comparing to other phones I listen to, is very difficult. Maybe they come close in the warm sound of the Kops port Pro, but Bass is much les heavy and more natural. Guess treble is close, but as the Bass that hits short, and not invade, you could end with also more detail in the end.

    They are so confortable, you forget they are there. No irritation in ear and they are put in fast, as it is obvious how to wear them. If I am honest to myself, I love them so much, I would have bought a second pair as I leave for a month holiday. Because only concern is there is no detachable cord, if they will hold, there were some complaints about that on Amazon. But I have had very heavy use this week and they held well. Anyway Koss broke down twice, and also FIO, you have guaranty on these too.

    Noice canceling. I never owned any, because too expensive, and not always good without them. These buds isolate well already. I tried them on my very noisy tractor. Noise is reduced very much, I not have to put them too loud. You hear the tractor noise, but it is not invading, music is in front, like the tractors come from the neighbors. <i will see how they do on plane. Sound signature is close to original, but sound feel more extended, a little more info in higher mids, question of taste.

    For me best price/quality, I ever tried, hope they last, but understand not everybody cup of tea? I love the warm lush, but fast sound. Like even on difficult music, Madeleine Peyroux albums are already very warm and bass heavy, but here, the bass was tight, her voice clear, and instruments very detailed.

    Note : On my Samsung Galaxy J 5, they sounded much brighter, which is normal as it is not so musical and warm as the Fiio. Recommended.

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  2. indieke
    It is weird, when there is no brand name, Sony, Audio Technics, it is not easy to get attention. I have these for a month now, and difficult tog et back to anything else. They have no fatige, which the Fioo definitely had, it is well balanced. I not have any fatigue, not miss my over the head monitors, and walking the beach with them is forgetting their existence. And if something happen to them, no hysteria, as at 30 € is not breaking the bank.

    Only, little downside. The Noise cancelling is there. With or without is a huge difference. But the Fioo without NC, did not let pass that hissing sound of the plane. WIthout NC, I hear all much more, as they are shorther the Taotronics. WITH NC turned on, the sound is in the back ground, but still there....
    But the Fioo, being larger and put deeper in the ear-canal, give me more irritation. I like the more lusher sound, without the fatigue of the 8 hz push, and the musicality.
  3. NaiveSound
    When I hear tao tronics..... I think *great value* brand of electronics
  4. pbui44
    When I hear TaoTronics..... I think *darn, consumer reports was finally right with some kind of analogy* brand of electronics:wink:
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  5. shamu144
    A deserved thumb up for this little gem :thumbsup:.
    I am really surprised at how good they sound.
    I actually much prefer them to my Onkyo IE FC300 and Focal Sphear S. And that is not even considering the ANC function which performs admirably well.
    Comfort is outstanding. I just had to cut the pointy piece of rubber that is supposed to rest in the concha as it was hurting my ears after a couple hours.
    Listening to those this summer straight out of a Samsung Galaxy J7 Exynos (Tidal app) and I do not even miss my Audioquest Dragonfly + Nightowl. Seriously those are incredible value for 25€ :scream:
  6. aim54x
    Great to see some reviews. I am actually looking at the newer model (TT-EP002) as they are available at the Amazon AU site. I’m looking for a set of ANC IEM’s for some travel that I am doing at the end of the year. Anyone have any experience witht the EP002?
  7. pbui44
    I have this model and the ANC is not anywhere near the Bose QC20’s ANC level, but it the ANC is still pretty good, especially with constant ambient noise. The sound quality is much better than the QC20, especially with ANC. If you can find these refurbished or recertified, they are a definite steal at their price.
  8. aim54x
    Thanks for the reply. Amazon AU doesn’t seem to have refurb/recertified but they do have occaisional discounts, so I will attempt to grab a pair when they are discounted. I expect them to be inferior in ANC to the big brands, but it is good to hear they are still good for constant ambient noise (can you confirm how they perform on a plane?).
  9. pbui44
    I did not have the TaoTronics EP002 on a plane, but I did have the Bose QC20 on a plane. The QC20 works very well on the plane and could not even really hear any announcements over the speaker. For the TaoTronics EP002, you could probably hear, but barely hear, announcements over the speaker, but would still block out engine and blade humming from outside and most of the sound around you.

    With this said, if you are going to fly on an airplane or take a train ride once or twice every four months, the TaoTronics EP002 will work fine. Any more than that, and the Bose QC20 will provide itself as a sound investment, even with the atrocious sound quality.
  10. indieke
  11. aim54x
    I normally bring the MDR-1000x on the plane/train with me, they work a treat. This next trip will see me try to slash the bulk/weight from my cabin bag hence the search for a lightweight ANC option, preferably something that wont break the bank. It does sound like the EP002 will be sufficient for napping on the plane.
  12. aim54x
  13. aim54x
    So the EP002's arrived. I can see what they mean by good but not brilliant ANC. But I'm sure that is not helped by not getting a great fit with the included tips.
  14. indieke
    I wonder why you bought the EP002. For the bass? It is a known fact the 001 are more neutral, much better. As for the NC, it is far from perfect, but it does help. Now I will comment soon, as I have replaced the tips with foamtips. That should give active and non active NC. Not tried it on a plane yet, but on my tractor, I had already more noise cancel as before. It alters the sound though when you not need NC. Bass are rounder, but all becomes less fast. These foam tips you also feel more, not that they hurt, but it is like you have really something swollen inside.

    Now, not every DAP delivers same sound. In general phones are much less musical and more bright then my dedicated Fioo X 3 (2nd generation). SO there the other tips are more welcome as it gives a bit of warmth in the sound. I ahve TWO EP001. One with and without the foam. If I walk the dog, I prefer the original. I will use the foams more when I need more isolation.
  15. aim54x
    Just a little thing called availability. In the arse end of the world known as Australia we no longer have access to Amazon US and Amazon AU only offers the EP002. Throw in the generally positive reviews, it seemed worth the punt.

    I'm guessing there is a little lost in translation. But it sounds like you prefer having the foam tips. I normally use Comply T-400 (Isolation) tips on my other IEMs and am familiar with the difference that decent foam tips make. I also use a Fiio X3II as my main DAP, but the phone also gets some use.

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