question and some thoughts on some buds
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Oct 21, 2015
I notice a number of links to but it does not seem like they have a version of the site in English unless I am missing something?  Google translate works on some pages but if i go to checkout and it asks to fill out i assume your address ect google translate does not work.  So I am kind of stumped as to how to order from them.....
Anyway I ordered the Ty HI-Z hp650 earbuds, hope they are what I am looking for.  I have the monk plus, t-music version 1 and the rx1 earbuds.
Monk Plus - bass is good but boomy and lacks detail, mids are warm and have a good presence, highs are decent.  however as a whole there is a veil over the sound and it makes me not like them.
T-music (v1) - (no veil) very good controlled  bass that extends pretty low for a bud, mids are slightly recessed maybe a little thin, highs are pretty good not sibilant.
Rx1 - lacks bass, very mid centric earbud, highs good not sibilant, to me it has a "digital" sound to it very clean and detailed but not exactly what i would call fun to listen to.
So basically my favorite so far is the T-music except for the mids.  I wish the mids were not recessed/thin.  Does the second version of the t-music fix the mids?
Based of Vapman's description the ty 650s might just fit the bill as to what I am looking for.  I was going to get the Cygnus, but from my understanding they are not the greatest in the bass department and tend to roll off early on the highs.  Plus the Shozy BK is just around the corner ill wait to hear reviews on the BK. The other option was the Zen 2.0 but I have heard its picky on sources and cant put foams on it which could be a comfort issue for me.  It hurts after a little bit to use the thin stock monk plus foams, had to get the hiegi foams that are thicker. I might give the Zen a try at some point or might skip it depending on Nirvana. 
If you know of a bud that might fit what I am looking for i will be sure to add it to my list.  As far as to what i listen to....pretty much everything so got to be a well rounded bud. 

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