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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. kingdixon
    I just received this email from massdrop, they are having tanchjim oxygen silver for 210 and black for extra 10$
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  2. bahamot
    On the 14th night I noticed the vocal became a tiny bit smoother, liking it. Bass a bit more pronounced, male vocal sounds great.
    Burn in effect or I'm getting use to it? Should be interesting to know once I back to IT04.
  3. redrol
    That graph reminds me of Etymotic with more subbass.
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  4. Carlsan
    It's on sale at Massdrop right now, shipping in late April.
    $209.99 plus tax for some of us.
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  5. FastAndClean
    Screenshot (249).png

  6. Rocfort
    No excuse. Buy it. Great deal.
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  7. warriorpoet
    Where'd you find that O2 graph?
  8. FastAndClean
    good guy bad audio reviews
  9. warriorpoet
    Do you have a link? I've been watching his YT channel and don't see the review yet.
  10. FastAndClean
  11. perfecious
    It's in the community section of his channel.

    Anyway, I've made a diffuse-field compensated curve for the Oxygen, based on his measurements, for those that are interested. I am using DF because it's the ultimate flat/reference curve. Harman targets are slightly V-shaped, because - mainstream likes that (will do Harman 2017 later as well).


    Only compensated:


    Will make a comparison image comparing the Oxygen to the Kanas Pro soon. Take care. :)
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  12. warriorpoet
  13. guicnovaes
    The Oyxgen looks even more like the Harman IEM curve than the KPE: Screenshot_249.png Screenshot_20190320-023347~2.png Harman_IE-2017.png
  14. bahamot
    Finally got the balanced cable
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  15. warriorpoet
    That's gorgeous. How's it handle?
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