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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. cn11
    If fatigue-free, warmth, and naturalness of the sound are the most important qualities, then the KPE could potentially be a better choice, but you get those things on the KPE along with muddiness and lack of resolution (by comparison to the O2)... To me the O2 is definitely crisper sounding, with a more prominent treble sparkle, detail, layering, & resolution... but it is by no means harsh at the expense of those qualities. I'd still classify it as a smooth type personality.
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  2. HiFlight
    I have to agree with Chris totally...While the KPE is a very nice sounding IEM, my comparisons with the O2 have confirmed to me that the Oxygen is the winner in overall accuracy of instrumental and vocal timbre and the perception of realism that it delivers. While I have owned many IEMs over the years, the Oxygen is the first one that has ticked all of my personal boxes. Given widely differing personal preferences, it is impossible to proclaim absolutes in audio comparisons, however my choice has been made!
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  3. guicnovaes
    Thanks you and @HiFlight for answering.
    Now I saw that you have the Moondrop A8 in your signature. Despite the fact that one is a BA based Iem and other is a DD, how do you compare the A8 with the Oxygen?
  4. warriorpoet
    It is very good, and accuracy is right there with some pretty high-end BA IEMs ($400+), too. The weaknesses for me have come down to fit and long-term comfort, and, if I'm being really picky, the sub-par feel of the stock cable. Theres nothing at all to complain about in terms of the sound, to my mind.
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  5. HiFlight
    You are right about the cable and potential fit. I finally found a set of tips that fit and seal perfectly. I also swapped out the OEM cable for a BTG OCC copper cable. I do have the upgraded Tanchjim copper cable on order but have not yet received it. With my current tips, I have all-day comfort.
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  6. Makahl
    The Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews also got the O2 and he made an unboxing:

    So probably he'll post a comparison to KPE, A8 and another FR source. Looking forward to seeing that.
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  7. warriorpoet
    I agree with that. The stock cable is OK, just doesn't wind up or lie well. The sound is there.

    With Comply 500 isolation tips I'm comfortable for a good while, but only if I get the O2s in juuust right. They're a little sharp on the edges for my ears, though others might not have any problems :)

    Still, I think they are absolutely worth the negatives. They really do sound phenomenal, regardless of price, and at their asking they're a screaming bargain.
  8. cn11
    The O2 has more bass, and that dynamic driver type impact, whereas the lows on the A8 have more of the BA typical feel. The A8's lows are really stellar for a BA IEM though, don't get me wrong... I just miss what something like the KPE & O2 can dish out. The A8 is incredibly resolving and detailed, and very full across the board, with instruments being super easy to place. Soundstage is very wide, with very good depth and vertical height, but it is beat out on spaciousness by the O2. Again, being a BA driver IEM, the A8 has that more etched & easily distinguished character to various instrumentation while the O2 is maybe more fluid with its presentation (while being equally detailed). There is also this effortlessness in how it presents the details, unlike any IEM I've heard so far, and this is what I really enjoy most about it.
  9. warriorpoet
    Fluid and effortless are good descriptors. Spacious is another.
  10. guicnovaes
    By this description, they are somewhat comparable in terms of overall SQ. Considering the price difference, the O2 can be a better option.
  11. Nabillion_786
    Soo how do the male vocals and soundstage compare to the kpe in particular please? Because one user felt it is slightly back in the mix and wished for more body. Do you feel the kpe are better in this regard? I am trying to get as much impressions as possible before pulling the trigger as this will be the most expensive iem for me. @HiFlight please do share your comparison of male vocals and soundstage between O2 and kpe aswell which would be much appreciated!
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  12. HiFlight
    IMO, both KPE and O2 have well-presented male vocals. I feel that the O2 conveys the emotion of the singer's voice better as it is well-placed in the mix. Of course, mastering has a great deal to do with vocal placement, but assuming a competent job of mixing, I still favor the O2. I do listen to a great deal of male vocals, especially in acoustic genres.
    Due to the shorter nozzles, proper selection of tips is of greater importance with the Oxygen. Tips also seem to affect the positioning of vocals, so a bit of experimentation will yield very worthwhile results. Everytime I compare the KPE to my O2, I continue to be impressed with how holographic the presentation of the Oxygen is in comparison to that of the KPE. Despite my preference for the Oxygen, I still consider the KPE to be a fine device and well-worth the cost.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  13. Nabillion_786
    Thanks alot much appreciated! I am glad you are enjoying them and find the positioning and emotions slightly better then the kpe but vocal body is also very important for me as I just can't seem to engage with iems that have a more thinner sounding presentation. So my last question would be which one has a more richer or more bodied mids presentation?
  14. HiFlight
    I personally prefer the O2 as the more realistic sounding vocals. I can close my eyes and envision the singer as in person.
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  15. guicnovaes
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