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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Nabillion_786
    I actually feel pretty stupid now for ordering the kpe's. My main reason for an iem is for good soundstage and male vocals in particular. From the research I gathered more people then not have said the kanas pros's male vocals suffer from less body but this time I am banking on sealing the front vents to cure that problem. There's literally no other iems for full, clear male vocals with powerful and and good expression in the sub 200 price range. I've tried asking everywhere and been through many iems recently. Let's just hope the front vent mod is effective just as it was with the t2's. Anyways will be looking forward to your comparsion once they have arrived.
  2. CoiL
    For my preferences and gear, male vocals are spot on and I wouldn`t want them any bit more foward or laid-back. KPE is better in that regard with neutral-warmish source/amping. KPE is very reactive to source gear.
    And if someone wants more weight to low-mids/upper-mid-bass for male vocals, then it is quite easy to tweak - 1) micropore over nozzle venting hole with pinhole or 2) using different nozzle filter, I use latter one :wink:
    Anyway, in stock condition I personally subjectively think that male vocals weigth is only very tiny "fault" of KPE. JMHSO and YMMV.
    Soundstage is VERY good and "holographic" sounding with my gear, for my ears and very close to my desk setup (Siemens E88CC goldpin "holographic-king"+Fidelio X1).
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
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  3. SilverLodestar
    By all means, the KPE are still incredible IEMs and are in my regular rotation. They still have a very expansive soundstage that beats all my other IEMs except the Andros. Male vocals are also outstanding and have an appropriate weight to them. It’s just that they don’t feel quite as full compared to the Andro S, which is to be expected. I never really felt like the KPE lacked in mids or vocals. In fact, they feel just right: not thick but not thin.

    Though, if you’re not happy with the KPE, I highly recommend the Dunu DN-2002. They might be a bit on the expensive side, but you can find them used for cheaper. They have thick, weighty mids, full and forward male vocals, as well as an extremely coherent sound. The Andro S, KPE, DN-2002, and Tin T2 are in my regular rotation for good reason. I’m hoping I can add the Oxygen to that list as well.
  4. SilverLodestar
    I’ve been using a neutral-bright source for them, so I’ll definitely have to experiment more with sources. As for that mod, I’ll test that as soon as I’m home! Thanks for that.
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  5. dhc0329
    Looks like a new IEM introduced every month. How is this sounding?
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  6. Nabillion_786
    Thanks very much for your help and detailed response! I will definitely consider the dunu's and oxygens if the kpe don't cut it for me. I am aswell very happy for you that you have such great iems at your disposal. Spoilt for choices! Also, if you don't mind please let me know or post in the kpe thread about what changes you can hear with different sources or mods.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  7. HiFlight
    O2 has, to my ears, similar width but more depth.
    I have not experienced any driver flex.
    The O2 fits my preferences and has become my go-to IEM.
    My final configuration is with Flares Everyday Audiophile tips and BTG copper cable.
  8. redrol
    Depth is probably sub bass extension? That's a weird thing to say.
  9. jant71
    What?? Soundstage has three dimensions. Height(top to bottom), width(side to side/left and right), and depth(front to back projection or perceived distance). many like to describe depth as the stage being in front and you are 3 rows back or 6 rows back etc. Nothing weird about saying the Oxygen has more depth than KP. So, in their experience, width to the sides is about the same but O2 has the better depth or distance projected ahead of them.
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  10. HiFlight
    Exactly what I meant in my previous post! I should probably have elaborated more to prevent any misunderstandings regarding my impression of "depth"
  11. Makahl
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  12. DynamicEars

    tanchjim oxygen (blue).jpg

    Edited from that heavily stretched graph, Blue is Oxygen..
    no wonder they got a lot of air, boosted at around 16k, and hump only until 2k then going down, this will prevent high mids from being to shouty. nice!

    I found this like perfectly fit me actualy, I like how Sony tune their EX600/800/1000 with bring down 3khz frequency, but you can see there is boosting at around 8 khz for treble sparkles, and 16khz for that air air air.

    I dunno if I should buy this, I should not, but kinda want it more after looked at this FR.

    currently using Kanas Pros with EQing that 2.5-3khz down, boosting a bit bass for compensating of using spiral dots (spiral dots reduce bass) and boosting mids a bit and 16khz for more air. Results is similar, more body to mids, decent bass, and no shouty high mids
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  13. Makahl
    I got this message from the @TakstarAudio Store after aking for some discount:

    Damn, for $279 it was quite too much for me but now... $245 and the black! (I really dislike the shiny/silver finishing after KPE experience due to living in a tropical country) I'm REALLY tempted. Waiting for the @SilverLodestar's impressions before pulling the trigger.
  14. DynamicEars
    I have to resist i think, if i dont have KPE definitely i will go for this, but if i never buy KPE my curiousity will be still there
    I guess i have to resist since I got KP ans EX1000, this oxygen will be in between them. Yes the matte black one is really a looker man!
  15. guicnovaes
    By the hump in the mids, probably is the uncompensated (raw) measured response. Beautiful graph! Looks like a less bassy Final Audio E5000. Although, By this graph, I found the sub bass a bit lacking, compared to the KP and the FINAL E5000.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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