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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. bahamot
    Is that the upgrade cable?
  2. OverlordRush
    Yes, it pairs nice with the oxygen, and it dosent change the sound signature that much compare to the stock cable.
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  3. PeterDLai
    We need some context for your "OK"! OK compared to your $2k+ IEMs or only OK compared to your $8 MH755? :stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. OverlordRush
    It cost $1480rmb w/o the upgrade cable in China, I think its very good for that price. And even at the less than $300usd price point, its hard to find a darkish neutral IEM, if that's what you want.
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  5. CoiL
    By price... someone should do co comparison with Sony EX800ST as they are in similar price bracket.
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  6. DynamicEars
    if you already have KPE, i think just go for used EX800ST or EX1000.
  7. CoiL
    I don`t want or need those atm as I`m settled with KPE. Just keeping eye on some IEM`s and threads related(compared) to it.
    But for me, price leap is quite large from KPE to Oxygen and thus latter should be rather compared with others in same price bracket.
    EX800ST is highly praised and priced around 220-230$ currently, making it even noticeably cheaper than Oxygen. Wonder how those two compare?
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  8. DynamicEars
    I believe Oxygen is same with KPE level but more dark tuning, maybe a bit refinement, or slightly above KPE, while EX800 definitely will be above them technically.
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  9. fredsun925
    These IEMs get a lot of hype and is one of the most popular picks at the price range. I haven't had a chance to try them but apparently they have a very punchy, dynamic sound that suits rock and pop music really well.
  10. cn11
    I just received Oxygen this afternoon, and the Oxygen is definitely not darker than KPE, and is noticeably more open, spacious, & resolving. And this is fresh out of the box compared to my KPE which has 60-70 hours on it.

    I am quite impressed with Oxygen so far.... Damn. Oxygen holds it price difference over KPE for sure.
  11. guicnovaes
    Do you think that the Oxygen has more treble quantity, oro has more fatiguing sounds than the KPE?

    A off topic question: Do think that worth the price difference between the Moondrop A8 and KPE?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. DynamicEars
    wow, more spacious and resolving that much? Because i got impressions from what i read (i've never heard them myself) that oxygen is darker tuning that KPE. Interesting. But it almost $100 more than KPE. Since you have A8 how doest it compared to your A8 also?
  13. OverlordRush
    I'm actually from the same city as the founder of Tanchjim, so I somewhat feel obligated to do some shilling here. The local audio store is kind enough to loan me their demo unit for 2 days. I will do some AB comparison with some other chifi avalible to me at the store, and have it home with me for a bit of alone time.

    The oxygen sounds somewhat neutral/warm darkish to my ear. This sound signature is rare for single DD IEMs and even rarer at this price point. Unfortunately, I tend to focus more on the technicalities when I demo more neutral IEMs, and the oxygen isn't exactly great at it...

    Bass tuning is great, mid bass is punchy with good amount of decay. I would have loved it more if the attack is a bit faster with slower decay in the subbass region, but that's just me nitpicking.

    I can understand why touranku called the mids thin, since his daily driver is a 334 and that's a very vocal focous iem. I'm ok with the male vocal, it lacks a bit of power but its accurate, and the female vocal is smooth but can be thin at times. Consider the price, its hard to find something that's too much better than what the oxygen offers in terms of vocal.

    Due to the tuning, the highs can sound a bit recessed, and treble extension is meh. But I feel like Tanchjim is going for this kind of darkish tuning for a more relaxed listning experience. I can listen to the oxygen for 8+ hrs thanks to the softer treble, and its not something I can say about my own EX1000.

    Nothing impressive at this price range, its not bad nor is it good. Resolution is not great and the darker sound signature dosen't help neither, soundstage is like any other closed IEM.

    SE vs 4.4mm Bal.:
    Tanchijim offers a cheap option for balanced upgrade cable, and it goes great with the oxygen. While keeping the overall sound signature, it does fix some of its vocal issue. The difference is not super noticeable from SE to Bal. Since most of my source uses 4.4mm bal. out, I did most of my listening with the upgrade cable.

    Dap pairing
    WM1A 4.4mm bal.
    Neutral bright dap, a pretty bad match up for the Oxygen, the boosted highs from the 1A is nice but not needed. I feel like the oxygen is better with a more colored source.

    DX200 Amp8:
    Wider soundstage and better bass dynamic compare to the 1A, female vocal is better as well.

    Zx300a 4.4mm bal.
    More musical tuning compare to 1A a good pairing with oxygen. Soundstage is the most narrow out of all 3 daps, resolution is also not as good as the 1A, but thats alright with me.

    Zx300a > Oriouls BA300s
    There is something magical about 300a's sound signature + the warmth of a tube amp. I felt asleep at the audio store listning to this combo. But buying a $350 portable tube amp for a $300ish dollar IEM is a bit overkill in my book. They just sound so good together...

    Vs ibasso it04 bal.
    Similar neutralish tuning, while ibasso have slighty better resolution due to its hybrid configuration, I much prefer the bass tuning on the Tanchjim oxygen. The overall smaller profile of the oxygen also makes it easier for everyday on the go listening.

    Vs Oriolus Forsteni bal.
    Another hybrid, but the Forsteni is considerably brighter than the Oxygen, with noticeably better female vocal and soundstage. However, Oxygen's bass sounds fuller and have more body.

    Vs qdc Neptune SE
    qdc's entry level IEM with similar sound signature and pricing. Bass form the naptune is overall weaker due to its single BA design, but female vocal is more forward and sweeter. Similar technicalities, just a different flavor.

    Vs Tanchujim Darkside SE
    The little sister to the flagship oxygen. Oxygen's bass is more controlled with smoother vocal. Darkside with just a bit more treble than Oxygen.


    Acoustune HS1650cu($650):
    The update to 1551, the 1650 is much warmer compare to the oxygen, with improved subbass and overall better resolution and soundstage, but at twice the price.

    Faudio Major($1500):
    Share a slightly dark neutral tuning with the Tanchjim Oxygen at over 5 times the price. The Major is what made me felt in love with this kind of sound signature. I can say the Oxygen is a budget but very well executed version of the Major.

    The Tanchjim Oxygen is a well built and compacted IEM that can match up against most in its price range, with a relaxed neutral tuning that most people can't hate. The bass is one best in the under 300 category and it's even better than some hybrids.
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  14. DynamicEars
    Your ears are spoiled too much with Z1R lol..

    How is the bass section and overall signature / techs compared to EX1000? I think this Oxygen will be in between Moondrop Kanas Pro and EX1000? Have you ever heard Kanas Pro?

    Thanks for detailed impressions! So the best from this Oxygen is the bass section, same with what @IryxBRO told us about this.
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  15. OverlordRush
    The EX1000 and Oxygen cannot be more different EX1k is bright and very technical, and Oxygen is more laid-back and well rounded. EX1000 bass lacks punch but has overall better dynamic/detail, Oxygen is more punchy and has more emotion. Unfortunately I have not hear Kanas pro, so I cant really compare the 2.

    I love the combination of the sound signature and the well tuned bass the most, I think there are a few IEMs within the its price range that has better bass, but usually they have a very aggressive V shaped signature.
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