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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. warriorpoet
    The O2s do better with more juice. Unplug your IEMs, plug the cable into the phone, then plug your IEMs back into your cable. You now have double the output current to play with. The DDs (and your ears) will thank you.
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  2. Toube
    Thanks, yes I'm using a 3.5mm adapter so it goes into aux mode with more power
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  3. Makahl
    I wasn't expecting much changes coming from my stock hybrid but damn O2 + JVC Spiral Dot it's another beast now. That vocal performance and this similar full-size soundstage it's highly addictive.


    Loving this combo!
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  4. DynamicEars
    Nice.. Spiral dots make mid bass not so bloated, tamed harshness and make soundstage largerrrrr..
    but remember in cost of slightly hazy/blur imaging and tone down micro details. I'm a spiral dots addicts
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  5. Nabillion_786
    @chickenmoon can you please compare the ath ckr100 to the oxygen when you get time? I am especially interested in soundstage, vocals and clarity. The only audio technica iem I have tried are the ath e40 a long time back but for some reason it was one of my worst purchases as it sounded very dull and closed in. I think @H3ll@Broke has heard both the kpe and ckr100 but he prefers the kpe for its better vocals. I am really interested in your thoughts if you get time to compare.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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  6. jhog
    Has anyone compared these to the CA Lyra II? I’ve got them and really like them, but looking for something that is considerably more airy and open, with better detail, for classical etc... at least some reviews suggest these might do the trick, but hard to know...
  7. SilverEars
    You're onto something here. There's some aspects I like about Spiral Dots, but also not. I think the part I do not like is caused from the large bore sizing. I wish they make varieties of bore sizes. I always found Symbio W's 4.5mm, about the right size for shallow-fits that are finicky to bore sizing. I do like fit and isolation of Spiral Dots though.
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  8. warriorpoet
    Absolutely agree with you here. Sometimes, though I find the Spiral dots fit TOO well- that is, they can create quite a bit of pressure with heavier IEMs that move around a bit and the pressure changes can be very unpleasant!
  9. bahamot
    My favorite tips for Oxygen are spiral dot.
  10. SilverEars
    I get a fit like suction, and curious if it's bad for my hearing. Isolates rediculously well though.
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  11. warriorpoet
    I'm not sure, but it sure does get uncomfortable after a bit :D
  12. warriorpoet
    Has anyone mentioned the Tanchjim FB post regarding Oxygen CIEMs yet? Screenshot_20190812-165853.png
  13. Makahl
    I've posted it on Chinese's thread, also there's a local edition with their anime thing faceplate. For those that were wishing a longer nozzle, it seems a really good option! I'm curious how much expansive it'll be compared to the regular version, any idea?
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  14. warriorpoet
    I don't know, but the regular version is a really hard fit for me. I'll heavily consider these for sure!
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  15. jhog
    Don’t suppose anyone’s compared the Oxygens with the Tin P1s? Am looking for a relatively mid-fi iem to complement my Heir 8s, preferably with a nice detailed, clean sound sig for classical etc.
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