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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. mbwilson111
    I think you would find people in this thread who are familiar with many of the iems that you have mentioned


    Also as surfgeorge mentioned, you can use the search function to find out more about each one. You probably have already done this.
  2. TonySunshine
    I was having fit fatigue issues with the tanchjim o2. Went through a whole bunch of different tips - spiral dots, spinfits CP155s and CP240s, mandarins, etc. They either changed the sound too much or made my ear helix sore.
    Anyway, I switched to cable with angled 2 pin connectors, and voila no more soreness, and can roll most of the tips to my sound liking.
    This is the cable I got. One of the few I found with angle'd 2pin connectors and a balanced 2.5mm connection. The other one I was thinking about is the null audio cable, but its more expensive and longer lead time
    Hidiz BL-2.5
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  3. warriorpoet
    That's a great idea, Tony. I have the worst time with insertion depth, but the soundstage is addicting, so I put up with it. The formed hooks on the upgrade cable help, too.
  4. darmanastartes
    My long-overdue Tanchjim Oxygen review is up on Head-Fi and on my blog!
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  5. Toube
    Hi all,

    Just purchased the Oxygen with upgraded cable.
    Where can one purchase those foams?
  6. Makahl

    If you're located in the USA you can get it either on eBay or Amazon but it's also available on Aliexpress in here. Also, you can get a cheaper option which will do the trick as well (link).
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  7. Toube
    Thanks makahl,
    I will order one of those.
  8. Toube
    Anyone compared the Oxygens with Tingpod Audio Aurora's?
  9. Makahl
    So when I got my Oxygen I didn't even bother to use the stock cables, I went straight up to my custom cable (which is a cheap silver plated cable + reterminated neutrik jack) and I was kinda curious how people were finding it "too polite" but today I needed to use media controls on mobile then I got the stock cable and geez... somehow it killed all the sparkle. I'm really skeptical when the subject is cables and night/day differences claims for DD but now I can understand the people who find it "too polite".

    I've been reading some Japanese tweets saying something similar that stock cables are kinda bad, do you guys feel the same as well?
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  10. miorazam97
    I don't care so much for when people said cables don't bring changes in sound, for what I believe they do bring impact to the sound imo, because they conducts electrical information to the earphones, just comparison between the expensive cables is so little that even people can't hear the differences. So yeah, the cable could change the sound quality in your new oxygen.
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  11. surfgeorge
    I was surprised about the influence of the cable.
    Compared cables with the JVC FD02 here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/jvc-ha-fd01-class-s-solidege.868414/page-21#post-14976571
    Not an Oxygen, but the general fidings should be comparable.
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  12. Toube
    The Oxygens arrived with upgraded cable.. silly question: the cable has on one end a red Dot and on the other a blue dot.. can I just plug them in to the monitors or is there correct order to plug them in like blue to left and red to right?

  13. Toube
    Hah.. there was an instruction card included. Got it
  14. DynamicEars
    R = R
    Red = Right
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  15. Toube
    Wow.. I just had my first experience with the LG V30 and Tanchjin Oxygen iem.. absolutely amazing pair.. need to listen more
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