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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. warriorpoet
    When you find them, let me know! I'm after the same.
  2. bahamot
    It's a nice pairing with DX220
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  3. surfgeorge
    Did you consider the Sony EX800ST?
    Famous for controlled and fast bass, huge soundstage (with very bad isolation, basically semi-open)
    Available on Amazon Japan.

    Crinacle's measurement
    Sony EX800ST Stock.jpg
  4. Jeb94
    isn't the ex800 and ex1k have treble "problem" some people can't stand the high treble that might be a problem.

    but i would rec ex800/ex1k tbh. both have great rep.
  5. Nabillion_786
    Value wise I definitely agree with you that kanas pro gives more for what its worth but I felt vocals good have been slightly more forward with fuller male vocals. Vocals are a huge deal for me, they have to sound rich, clear and not even slightly recessed. From my experience with the many many chifi iems I have tried, none of these iems ticked all 3 boxes soo I heightened my budget and feel like finally the oxygen is what I was after. Obviously it's not perfect though but I am happy with it. The main flaw I would personally give to the oxygen is that it can sound a bit too gentle and smooth which make it sound a bit boring at times depending on my mood. Other nitpicks like even more clarity is probably not fair or realistic as this and the kanas pro are the clearest sounding single DD iems I have heard upto that price range. Even the ex800 sounded less clear to me for my ears which resulted in me returning them back.

    Also, I was very scared about the fit of the oxygen's before purchase but must say they fit more comfortable and better for me then the kpe.
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  6. CoiL
    My post was not about providing alternatives. It was about Oxygen pricing regarding its "faults" - need for "upgrade" cable (#1 product package value issue) and short nozzle (#2 design issue).
    #1 - for price near 300$ customer wouldn`t want to spend any additional cost for another basic part of quality IEM package. 60$ extra isn`t cheap for something that should be already in the bundle to get the best out of product it is able to provide.
    I mean, for example, iBasso can provide cable with high value (material quality and low impedance) with 100$ package and 60$ can almost get You Tin T3 with also high quality cable included in package.
    Market is very competitive and this is not the place where product should "require" You spend more. Get my point?

    #2 - if You look at popular IEM designs which are good "average" for everybody (always exceptions though), most of them have "average" length and angle nozzles - Oxygen is not one from those.
    I have nothing against tip-rolling (I love tip-rolling as it brings more "options") but when nozzle is short, that tip-rolling gets very limited and thus "sound & fit tuning" also limited. I have extensive collection of different tips for my ear size (S) but for Oxygen there will be only few options with longer tip stem/barrel. I have had similar shape and nozzle length IEMs before and know that would be issue for me. That is one of reasons I went with KPE (which nozzle looks long on pics but actually is same as ZSN or IT01 for example, which have quite "average" nozzle length/angle design).

    You and some others were ones who went straight away into defending position and started to compare Oxygen to KPE (guess my avatar and it being current favourite atm affected this).
    Really, Oxygen WAS on my choice table... BUT (since You started this comparison Yourself):
    1) KPE vs. Oxygen reviews left me with overall impression that they both sound very similar and choice is depending on personal sound signature preferences, gear matchup and money. I`m still thinking same despite many reviews saying Oxygen is better.
    It is all about HOW much better? Are You saying that Oxygen is @ another level up? You know there are ppl preferring KPE out there? You know there are reviewers saying that if You already have one then the other is not worth to get regarding price?
    Since I got a glimpse chance to get KPE for only 126€ (I would pay full price for them anyway as they are more than worth it) and Oxygen had(has) previouskly mentioned issues, plus my personal preferences were also rather KPE-sided, I went with KPE.
    2) They both measure very similarly.
    3) KPE has already good quality cable in package (Btw, MD updated their cable to provide better value and quality leaving price same and Lyre Acoustics cables are known to be good).
    4) KPE has it`s own issues like heavy weight and finishing which both are no issue to me as I live in relatively cool/dry climate and wear IEMs over-ear with deep fit.
    5) KPE also has issue with tips sliding down nozzle and thus changing SQ/fit experience but I rather have this problem (which is easily solved by simple "slip-stop" rings) than short nozzle issue.

    I was talking about price vs. value not about certain budget!
    If I had 330$ in my pocket for IEM atm - I would probably save up little more and get something else. If it would be max budget regardless what, I would still choose something else because of those mentioned subjective issues.
    I was trying to "slow down" this "upgrade cable definitely needed" train and bring attention to price vs. value.

    I had long though before posting this as it may cause flaming and arguing within thread. I decided to explain my views and I hope they are understood now.
    I will not post here anymore as I`m not planning to get Oxygen as I already have KPE and was just viewing previously subscribed thread because of purchase interest.


  7. FactoryStock
    Hm... So far I've only tried EX1000 from an owner at an audio store. It has bright vocals but to my ears it sounds deliberately forced clarity rather than natural, so that portion grabbed my attention first before I could try to check the soundstage. I can't handle that kind of fiesty sound for more than half an hour.

    Unfortunately, too, isolation is important as well, since I regularly use my IEMs like makeshift earplugs. You know, to just tune out the world. Isolation (and violent treble) was why I gave up on the F9 Pros, and the form factor/isolation is why I didn't gravitate to those various MDRs that stick out of our ears funny. All the same, thanks for the rec.
  8. warriorpoet
    That's great news! I can't wait to get my 220 :)
  9. surfgeorge
    Based on my experience with the EX800ST I think I understand you.
    Since this is the Oxygen thread I will PM you.
  10. Jeb94
    20190531_183406.jpg Finally got the cable

    using oyaide hpc 26 with rhodium jack

    i feel it makes the bass cleaner and upper mid boost.

    i really like the upgrade sofar
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  11. HiFlight
    Regarding the discussions comparing the KPE to Oxygen...
    I have owned both for quite some time and used them interchangeably on an almost daily basis. To my ears, the tonality, headstage, timbre and imaging are very similar. I would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between them based solely on SQ. The more definitive differences are weight, overall size, length of nozzle, cost and durability of finish.

    Weight: KPE is heavier, but both were comfortable to me once in place.
    Size: Oxygen is significantly smaller if ear size is a consideration.
    Nozzle: KPE is considerably longer and if one prefers deep insertion, the O2 will likely fall short (pun intended)
    Finish: Some have reported KPE finish issues, primarily in hot, humid environments. The stainless shells of the O2 seem to be imperious to everything except marring or scratching due to mishandling.
    Cost: Oxygen is about 80% more expensive.

    I hope that this is of some help to those considering which would best meet their personal preferences.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  12. Makahl
    I got my Oxygen yesterday and so far it's been less than 24 hours with them but I'm quite enjoying it. I do remember reading mixed opinions about the Oxygen's sub-bass, some reviewers were saying the O2 goes deeper than KPE and others saying KPE has more sub-bass quantity (20-60Hz). At least to me, I'm with the people who find the KPE has more sub-bass oomph. It's even clearer when listening to some electronic stuff such as Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush (I can remember feeling the sub-bass air popping even in the intro on kpe - which was fantastic for an IEM going that low) or even instrumentals Behind the Shadow Drops - Utopia - which has better texture on O2 but less oomph.

    The low-midrange seems where the Oxygen starts to show improvements, it's punchier and faster, perfect for drums and it's playing incredibly well with my favorite bands and sort of what I was looking for, a more engaging version of KPE. Midrange I'd say male vocals are crisper than KPE, female vocals seem ok. Highs, in general, are polite and there's a better extension after the 10kHz which gives a slightly more airy presentation and sense of space, but if you feed Oxygen with an analytical source/amp it sounds too airy which isn't the best pairing IMHO, definitely I'd go with some warmer source if you can.

    So, if you like bass-head music Oxygen might not suit you as well as the KPE. If you like instrumentals, progressive stuff Oxygen might give you a more engaging version of the KPE. Some people reported it also improves with the time so my impressions can change in the future.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  13. audio123
    On a sidenote, the No.3 Ti boasts a more engaging sound than both the KPE & Oxygen with clearer vocals. Have included a comparison of the No.3 Ti vs the Oxygen in my review on the TFZ No.3 Ti. Enjoy & Happy listening, as always! :)

    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  14. Makahl
    Where did you buy this Oyaide cable? I'm using a black one from Aliexpress but I replaced the cheap 3.5mm jack for a Neutrik one. At least the aesthetic is better than the stock lol.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  15. Jeb94
    for bass i agree, KPE have more omph its feels more boosted in those region

    but if we see only the technicalities. u can see why people say O2 have better bass. while it might lack the oomph it does have faster attack decay also fast (but not so fast that its gone) over all it feels more tight and less boomy which some people might prefer (i deffo prefer ot over any other bass in this price range)

    the only problem for me is the dark sound. while its nice to hear for long hours sometimes u want that treble extension to make things more exciting and "lively"

    it also lacked details that the fh5 does which i can say something that i missed.

    i do loved most of the thing o2 does but im planning for an upgrade soon while i was satisfied with the purchase i feel its not good enough.

    some can say i got the upgraditis. next stop gonna be qdc, maybe im gonna try their new hybrid if i like it thats nice but i don't then i prolly get the VX

    its a DIY service from local DIY-er.

    its great, improved the bass response by significant margin. its even faster and tighter than before (like if i can give it a number 10-15% this is a sjitty assumption to make it easier to understand cuz there is no way to quantify this). upper mid also improved abit female voice sound sweeter (but still need some improvements) treble is still meh i guess nothing can help this beside eq.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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