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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Nabillion_786
    I am glad you are liking the oxygen's but from my personal experience I found the tanchjim upgrade cable to really impact the sound when compared to the stock. The stage is overall bigger, there's more emphasis on vocals and it is a bit more smoother aswell. If I compare my kpe to to o2's with the stock cable then I would definitely take the kpe over them but with the tanchjim upgrade cabl I really feel it shines.
  2. 416805
    does it improve the female vocal? it feels abit thin right now.

    i really want to buy the upgrade cable the problem is dunno where can i buy 1 locally. which sucked.

    wish they just came in with the upgrade cable in the first place.
  3. warriorpoet
    I have the same experience with the upgrade cable. It's a definite sonic upgrade, and overall just a much better experience not having to deal with that difficult stock cable.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  4. warriorpoet
    Penon has them with reasonable shipping: https://penonaudio.com/tanchjim-oxygen-upgrade-cable.html
  5. Nabillion_786
    Your right the upgrade cable should have been ootb. For me I felt the the sound was more spacious and vocals were more articulate. I'd say slightly fuller nothing too drastic there but overall id say a noticeable improvement in sound quality.
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  6. CoiL
    Interesting that You guys find so drastic improvement of "upgrade" cable when it measures very close in impedance with stock cable. Ok, I understand that if Tanchjim used dirt cheap cable material (poor quality copper) but it actually measures pretty good, so, it shouldn`t be issue here. And then they ask 60$ for "upgrade" cable for already 270$ spent? So, in total 330$ ? Sorry if I`m being "rude" in here with Oxygen "fanboys" but doesn`t this cable "upgrade" sound like "justifiction" for money paid in total? Psychosomatic relief?
    Personally I would rather put that 330$ for something else.
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  7. 416805
    its better than KPE, and have significant difference in sound sig. regardless if the improvement is not significant over KPE (one would not say its worth the $80 difference) its still one of the best u can get under $300 unless u are looking for used then maybe if u are lucky u can get ex1k at mint condi or ex800.

    i dunno if there is an "upgrade" over these IEM at this price point if u are buying new.

    but if want to compare with used stuff then u could get a used oxygen around the same price as new KPE (got one for $180 still super mint and only 1 month used) which is a steal IMO.

    impedance is not everything in cables, 2 cables with same impedance can have different characteristics.like oyaide silver makes the bass tighter and cleaner while give abit treble boost make it more sweeter sounding in high register. while oyaide litz gives righer bass and better sound stage while barely changing anything else.

    at the end of the day with audio there is no "better" buy. its what u want, not everyone like a thin sounding Kanas pro with that upper mid extension. some people prefer the warmer and fuller sounding of oxygen.

    if your budget calls for it, might as well get the best iem u can get for $300. oxygen along with kanas pro, fh5 are among the option.

    but if your budget is around $200 u might not feel the upgrade to oxygen worth it and might aswell stay with the kanas.

    now tell me an iem around this price point ($330) where u can get something better and new.

    well just my 2 cent, feel free to disagree
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  8. Nabillion_786
    Absolutely agree!

    @CoiL I actually did not buy the upgrade cable at full price nor did I intend to buy it. I got this cable for a discounted price of 20usd as at that time the store realised that all the tanchjim stock cables had a problem so they offered me the upgrade cable at a cheaper price and am I glad the situation played out that way because i feel I would of preferred the kpe over them if I did not receive the upgrade cable which would of resulted in me returning them back. I've been through many iems in the past and must say the kpe and oxygen are my favourites but the oxygen edges it for me and this is not me being a 'fanboy', this is just me describing what I feel and hear with my own ears. Honestly, I personally don't care about all the science behind the earphones or cables as long as I am hearing what I want that's all that matters to me.

    also, not trying to be rude here but after reading many of your posts (some of which have been helpful to me, thanks!) I feel like your not being open minded on other iems and are quick to dismiss them maybe because you feel the kpe is end game for you. I am satisfied with the oxygen but my curiosity has now peaked for the flares pro which I will receive in a couple of days time thanks to @chickenmoon impressions and if I don't like it I'll be straight up about it as this is all personal preference and subjective.
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
  9. 416805
    i just hope oxygen can stop my impulse of getting midfi. i want to start buying totl stuff tbh but i have crap selfcontrol

    since i can't wait for tanchjim oxygen upgrade cable.

    i just ordered a DIY cable, it gonna use Oyaide Silver cable with rhodium jack.

    lets see if this gonna improve the sound. i see that tanchjim oxygen uses 0.78 mm 2pin connectors doesn't feel like 0.78 well what do i know lols
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  10. CoiL
    Guys, I was not comparing KPE to Oxygen! Didn`t say a word about KPE and I`m free to express my opinion about something.

    I was talking about price of Oxygen with upgrade cable. For me that "upgrade" cable should have been in the package from the beginning!
    I understand when someone wants to "tweak" sound little with cable, do it at free will and money, but at such price I would not want to spend more money for "upgrade" cable
    to get same "You have to get that cable to get full potential we are hearing" impression as others.
    Then personally I think Oxygen nozzle is short (I`m not only one), which can cause issues with finding right tips.
    Sorry, but those things considered I`m still at attitude that Oxygen is not worth that 330$.
    Others opinion may vary and I respect that.

    For what it`s worth, I do think SQ-wise Oxygen is probably somewhat better than KPE but I personally don`t think the price difference is justified.
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
  11. 416805
    u are free to express your opinion, but u keep on saying its not worth it but didn't provide a lick of advice for better iem at the same price with similar sound signature.

    regardless of what u think worth or not worth if a person have $330 to spare for an IEM he is looking for the best IEM he can get with those money.

    now he have option, he can buy used or not. if buy used he might consider options that have better technicalities and resolution conpared to oxygen.

    something like Ex1k, EX800, MH7550

    but if he isn't willing to buy used item then his options are these IEM.

    Kanas might be a better value, but if u have the money to spare might as well buy the best one for you. if u like oxygen better than kanas pro, and have the money to buy it. it would be stupid to pick kanas pro just because its cheaper (when u can afford it)

    different situation if u like kanas pro more, or maybe u are on a tight budget and u can't stretch to $260 for oxygen. then kanas pro might be the better option.

    in audio, for me atleast there is no objectively "better" buy. or worse value. if u like it then its good value for you and that what really matters. cuz our hobby is a subjective thing.

    as for nozzle, some people have problem most don't. ear are anatomy are different for everyone. if u want a universaly good fit, get something like qdc. they have like the best uni fitment.

    the problem i have is u were saying this iem is not worth without even trying it. how can u say its not worth if u never tried it?
  12. warriorpoet
    You are free to express your opinion, but when your opinion is consistently negative, one is left to wonder why you feel the need to express it so often in the Tanchjim Oxygen thread.

    I like the Oxygen. It's not a TOTL IEM, nor is it my endgame. It has strengths and weaknesses, and I'm happy to chat about them, but good grief man, we get it; you aren't a fan :sweat_smile:
  13. bahamot
    I could buy either kpe or oxygen but I chosed oxygen because, well, I want those over kpe.
    It's not cheaper but I'm happy with my choice. I'm listening to Oxygen more often than my IT04. :ksc75smile:
  14. CoiL
    Ok, this is where I stop and find not worth spending time for further explanation as seems ppl get very defensive here about the product they own.

    Sorry for interrupting Your "flawless" thread.
  15. 416805
    how is it defensive when u didn't even provide a simple alternatives.

    is it defensive to say its a logical decision to buy the best iem you can get with a certain budget u set.

    i really don't get it, u want an objective discussion then atleast provide some onjective argument instead of relying with the subjective "worth value"
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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