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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Makahl


    I was searching for an FR graph on Twitter but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything yet. At least all impressions that I translated are rather positive (well that doesn't mean much anyway).
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  2. audio123
    The Tanchjim Oxygen in the black color variant. The overall sound is clean & detailed. Bass presentation is light with a tight & defined articulation. Midrange is imbued with a tinge of warmth. Vocals are clear with no signs of aggression. Treble is controlled & smooth with moderate sparkle and the extension is good. The soundstage has great width & depth. As its name suggests, music is like oxygen. Happy listening, as always! :)
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  3. Makahl
    +$10 for the blacks, do they have something special or an extra?
  4. audio123
    They have the same sound. I think it might be due to production cost.
  5. guicnovaes
    Great! Thanks.
    Another vote for the warmth...
  6. DynamicEars
    Extra cool man! I like that finishing shell.
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  7. bahamot
    Might getting these instead of kanas pro. Can compare it later with ibasso IT04 and IT01.
  8. 1clearhead
    They are more neutral sided to me with a slight emphasis in sounding almost balanced, very rich and clear, not too warm, nor too bright. The Andromeda's has more weighted bass and slightly sharper highs (maybe, due to the BA armatures). Probably, that's where some owners are noticing brighter or shrilled highs. The Oxygen don't pose that threat, since they tend to stop short of ever sounding harsh or sibilant with most genres when I listened to them for 2-3 hours at a time. One dynamic driver type earphone I learned to appreciate were the SONY MH755. But, listening to both, the MH755 bass started to somewhat weigh more in bass and the midrange and treble seemed to lack extension when compared to the Oxygen, which carries a more neutral-like and natural sound signature with good texture and excellent clear details. Now, back at my friends shop, I also wanted to audition the ibasso IT01, and the KPE, but they were not out for display at that time. Hopefully, in the future they'll have one on display to compare.

    Lastly, this was all in the name of fun, since I won't be buying more expensive "out-of-my-price-range" earphones anytime soon! ...At least, not close to the Oxygen in price. :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  9. 1clearhead
    Sorry, but I never mentioned they were "bright/shrill". They have an excellent warm-bright signature, depending on the genre! I also consider the Andromeda's in this same factor. :spy:
    I live and breathe earphones in China...doesn't mean I have to own everyone of them...:wink:
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  10. guicnovaes
    Sorry, I was not very clear when I said that. I meant that you described the sound of Oxygen bright, because you compared it to Andromeda, which is considered bright by the majority.

    Regarding the description as "shrill", it really was not you who spoke, It was said by the user Toranku. That's why I use "/" ("bright / shrill.") But I ended up causing confusion with my words.

    I also did not want to underestimate your impressions about the Oxygen, just meant that, as you yourself said, you heard it a few times in your friend's shop, so maybe you did not have time to give a more accurate impression of the sound. However, sound is subjective, so your impressions are valid.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
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  11. guicnovaes
    This description, however, does not match a bright sound.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  12. 1clearhead
    It's all good! :wink: ...They kind of hover between a warm-bright sound signature anyway. They are deliciously good with different genre's and are very comfortable as well!
    Love them! ...but don't love the price. :sob::point_right: a little short-changed of money. :money_with_wings:
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  13. bahamot
    First impression the build quality is great. But fit might be a problem, just tried briefly and couldn't get proper fit for enough bass.
    Will try again later and play around with included tips.

    Wow, what a difference after found good fit.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
  14. PeterDLai
    Maybe the negative impressions of these by toranku were caused by poor fit. Looking forward to hearing more impressions!
  15. bahamot
    Quite certain it was a fit problem. I don't feel the Oxygen is too bright at all. Certainly not brighter than ibasso IT01/IT04.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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