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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. guicnovaes
    Please, give us your impressions of the KP vs O2.
  2. Rocfort
    But if I want change the cable and i want use a different one without angled connectors? Bad guy is a chi-fi lover that change opinion and best iem every week. A little suspicious. In addition, too many words and very few real and usefull conclusions.
  3. chickenmoon
    I'm sure you'll figure out how to use KP with a different type of cable if that's what you want to do.

    So, KP vs Oxygen, what do you think?
  4. Rocfort
    In the box of Kanas I found a card that say "For the unique design of the diaphragm, please have about 100h running in before use, that's will promote the performance of the earphone". So i need at least one week to give you my impression.
  5. Rocfort
    My very initial impression with the original cable using the last LP of Rodrigo & Gabriela in master format from Tidal is that Kanas has a dry tonality compared to O2. Bass of O2 are more deep and round. But with O2 I use a different cable from the original and I use sinbio tip that assure a perfect fitting. I have to found the right cable foe Kanas and try different tip.
  6. FactoryStock
    All right pahdnaahh... Keep on rollin' baybehh. You know what time it is. 20190510_122014.jpg
    One thing I'm confused about: on my ASG-1Plus, it was recommended that the red and blue dots be facing upwards. Blue on left, red on right, dots facing up when worn.

    On these Oxygens, the way the cable sheath is coiled prompts the user to put the dots facing downwards. Will "correcting" them and putting the dots face-up change the way they sound?
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
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  7. CoiL
    Let me "correct" You - HBB is music lover and has kept his top-5 same pretty long time (in terms of chi-fi, haven`t checked lately).
    Anyway, You can`t have one IEM perfect for every genre and music. You can have great all-arounder but it probably doesn´t "shine" with certain genres/music to full "perfect".
  8. Rocfort
    And Then?
    Here the pic of what should be the better cable and tip for my Kanas. Now the fitting is very good with a perfect seal and the cable 4N copper+ 4N silver sound very good. 20190510_085723[1].jpg
  9. darmanastartes
    I received the Oxygen yesterday.
    I've listened to it for a few hours. First impressions are very positive.
    Graphs and comparisons below:
    Tanchjim Oxygen
    Tanchjim Oxygen vs Simgot EM1
    Oxygen vs EM1.jpg
    Tanchjim Oxygen vs Nicehck M6 (aka BGVP DMG)
    M6 vs Oxygen.jpg
    As always, my measurements were conducted with a Dayton iMM-6 microphone using a vinyl tubing coupler and a calibrated USB sound interface. There is a resonance peak between 7-10k. The measurements are presented with 1/24th smoothing and without compensation. Measurements above 10k are not reliable.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
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  10. FactoryStock
    What is the estimated lifespan of Flares Everyday? Similar to Olives? If, say total time spent in ears would be upwards of 40-50 hours per month.
  11. FactoryStock
    Hoo boy... This does not sound like good news to me.
    Already at first listen I preferred the midbass portion and below to be at lower volume... I suspect Harman curve will not agree with my ears.
  12. bahamot
    Well "a bit" is subjective measurement. It might not be noticeable for you. :ksc75smile:
  13. FactoryStock
    Well...looks like I'll be selling them. Good texturing, but hard kicks from the too eager bass region proved to be very intrusive. Not even the leakiest eartips helped to hammer that intrusive sub-bass flat.

    Guess it's a lucky thing I didn't try the Kanas Pros as well, as it was touted as having even moar of that. Imagine the disappointment.

    In a way it's like eating ketchup, chillie sauce and condiments instead of the actual food on the plate itself.

    I'll have to move on and continue searching. Flat with out of head soundstage. No extra treble, no mega bass extra booost, no enhanced mids. Just no extras, no reduction, no nonsense. Just there.
  14. FastAndClean
    you need Moondrop blessing, similar to Etymotic ER4XR but with better soundstage, less bass than KP
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  15. TooPoorForHiFi
    Etymotic ER4 series?
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