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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Otto Motor
    I was lazy: I got all the settings from another forum based on their experience...works the same for my neighbour and me. I'd extend the horizontal scale from 20-20,000 Hz and the vertical scale from 55 to 110 dB.
  2. chickenmoon
    I wouldn't know as I don't have any recent KZ. It's got good resolution but the tonal balance sure is a mess. I actually enjoy it for EDM but for rock forget about it. It's very power hungry as well .
  3. chickenmoon
    I'm using an old version of Voxengo SPAN (cos my PC is old too) and I don't think I can change scaling. It's 20-20k horizontally it seems to me and vertically I seem to have nearly 60dB in all. Not sure what you mean saying you were lazy. Anyway if I'm doing something wrong I'll figure it out eventually.
  4. miorazam97
  5. Markolav
    Im getting pretty convinced that Oxygen is going to be my next IEM... Can some possibly tell how they compare to Idun or DMG for example?
  6. CoiL
    Like You said - Your rig is still uncalibrated. And with iMM-6 calibration is quite "painful" and time consuming if You try to match it against other IEMs.
    I have quite succseeded (IMO) with matching iMM-6 against KPE & IT01 but when I take measurement of some other cheaper IEMs, then it doesn`t look like other measurements found in internet.
    Maybe it means I`m still not quite "there" yet but I really don`t bother anymore as it shows what I need for modding/tuning.
    I think for proper iMM-6 calibration one needs to find one serious studio and equipment to take some measurements from some IEM`s You own and then match against it.
    For calibrating against measurements found on internet, one needs to have at least 20-30 IEMs matched and then calculate average/median of all those measurements to get close to good calibration.
    I don`t have so many IEMs and don`t plan to mess with it.
    And after trying to calibrate & match my iMM-6 against many measurements from internet I have come to conclusion that You need close as possible (same) setup as other measurer as every piece of hardware, software and even source signal (pink noise quality/sample/bit for example) can affect measurements.
    If You start to collect measurements from internet then You realize that many of them are quite different and doesn`t quite match with eachother.
    But they still show overall FR response and sound signature of measured IEM, which is main thing to read out of FR graphs. All the other info - driver speed, agility, micro-details etc. wont show up on FR graphs anyway. So, my recommendation is to not waste much time with iMM-6. If You wish "accurate" measurements, go with more expensive and standardized coupler+mic.
    I also think KPE bass on Your graph is WAY too high. Look at HBB measurements with iMM-6 and his latest coupler/mic - they have bass basically at same level with highs "hill".
    Oxygen also looks too boosted in bass, imo.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  7. chickenmoon
    Thanks Coil for all the sound advice. I have found the issue with the excessive bass, it was down to microphonics and I now I need to find a nice way to reliably avoid that. For me too it's just a nice/useful tool/toy to help me with tuning and modding as well as measuring my iems against each other as as not all those I have have been measured by the same person or at all. Not looking to spend much more money on it ATM as I find the IMM-6 and my DIY coupler to be good enough for this purpose.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  8. CoiL
    Do it at night in total quiet, no traffic background noises, no rain, no farts.
    Btw, what hardware/software are Your using?
    Sorry for OT.
  9. chickenmoon
    Nothing serious ATM, just playing around with it. I'll post about it in the measurement thread when I've made sufficient and satisfatory progress which might not happen too soon as I'm going to be busy with other stuff.
  10. JM1979
    Take this with a huge grain of salt, as I’m not an experienced iem guy. I have owned plenty of over the ear cans, mostly planars, in my time.

    The soundstage is very impressive. I still haven’t run them through my Hugo 2, mainly because I’m too lazy to pull it out of my system.

    I have been listening to a lot of tidal MQA and well recorded 48khz music via the Dragonfly Red. This will be my travel/mobile set up.

    The soundstage is very large, much more than I was expecting for iems. But again, maybe this is normal for quality iems. One thing that is for sure, there is really nice precision and placement within the soundstage. Instruments are very clearly defined in their place.

    I’m guessing there are TOTL iems that would blow me away but from a cost to sound perspective the Oxygens fit my needs perfectly.

    I also find the bass to be very impressive, in a complimentary way.
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  11. FactoryStock
    Well... Myself, I have managed to hear something warm and yet "bright" at the same time (to an untrained ear)...in my sig. I hope these sound similar, and is a potential successor.
    With out-of-head presentation as well.

    Few questions:

    - are they sensitive to source hiss?
    - How is the bass-subbass presentation? Is bass portion anchored deep in the head or seeming to 'float' outside the head ? When it comes to bass, I usually prefer that they are not nested in-head so as to cause claustrophobia. Which is the one thing that makes me hate my SE846. I don't know what I'm doing with it other than let it collect dust at home
    - Are these good at conveying emotion for female vocalists & sad songs, and echoes/reverb/audience screaming at a live recording?
    - what is the inner limit and outer limit of the soundstage? I'm hoping nothing is deep "inside the head" but starts at the periphery of my head/face outwards.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  12. Markolav
    I placed an order for Oxygen... Theyre better be good. :p

  13. Nabillion_786
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  14. Rocfort
    I bought and just received a pair of Kanas pro to make a comparison with my Oxygen and to reinforce my thought that badguy youtube reviews are just free word without any sense. Nevertheless, I have a question for people that has Kanas pro: how can I distinguish right from the left? I can't see any R or L or red or blue dot on the monitor. Pleade help me.
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  15. chickenmoon
    The flater side of the kanas goes in front with cable atop going up, it's pretty obvious how to wear them despite their lack of markings IMO.

    What's wrong with those youtube reviews?
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