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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Makahl
    Well, my problem with KPE isn't actually its sound but it's the condensation issue and oxidation on the shell that I was getting (atm my KPE is in China for repairing). I guess I'm just unlucky because of the wheater of my country but after-5-10x when you need to stop your favorite song because of that condensation imbalance you just get tired and even though the SQ is superb the annoyance it causes is just bigger.

    Also, CoiL, as you've said gear/amping definitely changes the synergy you're getting and I can understand you have found the perfect balance. But... Most of the people aren't using either hardware modified DAPs or custom nozzle grills on KPE so... bear in mind your opinion definitely will vary coming from stock KPE grills and normal DAPs/sources.

    It's like If I add micropore tape over the nozzle to tame sibilant highs for some specific IEM and I think strange when someone complains about its sibilance in stock. :p
  2. CoiL
    True, but despite those mods... my opinion still stays pretty much same - mid-bass is FLAT with great texture. What I hear (trying out different gear with KPE) is that with my source/amping gear (DX5X) slightly improves bass tightness and punch and soingstage/imaging is larger.
    Highs have tad more sparkle and "air/space" with modified nozzle grills + lengthened tips positioning.
    Differences with stock are rather minor and overall sound is basically same :wink:
    Will soon update my FR graphs as I`m near finishing my fine-tuning of iMM-6, But If You saw my earlier measurements, then difference vs. stock grills and tip positioning was quite small.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  3. noknok23
    I have tin audio T1 that fits me perfectly, is it safe to assume that the thanchjim oxygen would fit me too? They both have a recessed design, small ears friendly. The nozzles of the kanas pro are too long for me.
  4. Nabillion_786
    Have had my oxygens for 2 days now and must say I personally feel it is better then the kpe's for me. Here the midrange is absolutely phenomenal and completely crushes anything any other iem for vocal that I have listened to. I feel everything is an upgrade to the kpe apart from it is slightly less exciting and has a bit more gentle approach aswell but on the plus side you can listen to it for hours and ends. Wow has the midrange taken me by surprise! I am using the tanchjim upgrade cable aswell.
  5. chickenmoon
    So this the end of your quest then?
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  6. TooPoorForHiFi
    Still in the honeymoon phase I'd say...:smile:
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  7. Nabillion_786
    Yeah after soo much time on headfi and buying several iems I feel the 02's are the perfect iem for me. Now I am using them with my Samsung galaxy Tab S4 for the perfect portable movie experience I have ever felt because the stage and vocals on these when combined with the 10.5 inch amoled screen is breathtaking! If I ever were to buy another iem again it would be the Sony ex800st as some people have really special praise for them especially regarding there huge stage. But overall I am really buzzing now! :)

    Also out of curiosity how would you compare the 2 my friend?
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
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  8. chickenmoon
    I agree completely with your assessment, the only "criticism" I'd level at at the Oxygen is that they are maybe just a tad too "polite".
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  9. Makahl
    So since I don't know exactly my KPE's fate I just sold my ER4B and IM02 and pulled the trigger on Oxygen and ER2SE, damn... I couldn't resist it after reading all good positive impressions here and seeing these pictures:

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  10. JM1979
    My pair of Oxygens arrived yesterday; I also purchased the Tanchjim upgrade cable mainly for comfort/ease of wear but the feedback on sound in this thread also factored into the purchase. I've only opened the package, and given them a brief listen this morning. The intent of my post is just to share some initial impressions for the sake of conversation; not to contribute towards anyone's decision to purchase.

    -Shipping from China was pretty fast. I ordered the Oxygens off Amazon, and it was about 3 weeks to delivery. I ordered the upgrade cable from Penon and it arrived ~5 days earlier.
    -The packaging is nice. Everyone seems to emulate the Apple box approach, which is fine with me. Everything was neat inside and well packaged.
    -The iems have a nice weight to them without being heavy of clunky
    -I got a great fit right away with the stock tips
    -They practically disappeared in my ears 5 minutes in to listening.
    -The upgrade cable is really nice with it's woven, braided outside. Very pliable, and comfortable. No comment on changes to the sound, as I went straight to this cable.
    -I guess it's worth noting that I bought these primarily for travel. I had a pair of Oppo PM3s, but had the itch for some iems, and also loved the smaller form factor for travel.
    -My first impression is that these are a fun, musical set of iems. I was immediately bobbing my head and tapping my toe without realizing it. That is a nice first impression, versus other times when I feel like I'm being too analytical right away and not enjoying a new toy.
    -It'll take more time, but my intial impression on sound is full mids, enough bass to compliment the music and be accurate without beign overwhelming or too light, enough treble to highlight details and separation without being treble forward. This is pretty much my ideal signature, as it tends to make things 'musical' sounding to my ears.
    -Oh yeah, the small carrying case is a nice touch. The iems, and cable fit just fine, and the case is quite small.
    -I only plugged the Oxygens into my iPhone XS via the dongle, so I'm just barely scratching the surface.
    -Later tonight, I'm going to do an extended session with my Hugo 2. Aside from the obvious step up with that DAC/Amp, I'm also looking forward to hearing MQA on these iems for detail retrieval.
    -My first impression is that I am very happy, and these are going to be great for travel, or anytime I want to listen in the house and not be tied to my system.
  11. chickenmoon
    OK guys, I got myself a Dayton IMM-6 mic and DiYed a neat coupler out of a plastic funnel and some punched rubber and I've just started experimenting with it so this is not serious measurements but just to show diifferences between Oxygen, KP and BL1 (and how bad BL1 looks, explaining the What in the quoted post).

    Oxygen 2.png

    Kanas Pro 2.png

    BL1 2.png

  12. FastAndClean
    wow KP an O2 measure so similar, BL1 looks very uneven
  13. Otto Motor
    Bass is way to high. If you used the REW software I could send you the preference settings.
  14. chickenmoon
    Might look like it but then Sony MDR-EX1000 measures almost completely flat using the exact same setup so I don't know...

    EX1000 2.png
  15. HAMS
    So bl1 is KZ tier?
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