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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. FastAndClean
    Sound, Sound, Sound :o2smile:
  2. chickenmoon
    At 4 hours burn in and 1 hour listening to some psytrance I have to concur with the other assessments saying that they best the KP. :)
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  3. FastAndClean
    oh no, come on :triportsad:
  4. chickenmoon
    Well, don't take my word for granted but this is not really a surprise, is it?
  5. FastAndClean
    is not a surprise yes, tell us more about Toneking BL1 i saw you added it to you signature :o2smile:
  6. CoiL
    Why do You care? If You enjoy hell out of KPE, then forget about "better" as it is subjective and according to graphs they are tuned very similar. There is always something "better"!
    Considering fit issues and higher price tag - I personally find KPE having better overall value, but this is just my subjective opinion and I haven`t heard oxygen yet.
  7. FastAndClean
    it was interesting to me because they measure very close, but i am done with DD earphones, the KP and Final E5000 are great and i like them very much, i am not buying another dynamic, however i am exploring my BA weakness right now :dizzy_face:
  8. ChrisHeld1989
    Please tell us about the BL1. :) I had two products from Toneking, the SW3 and the T88K. Both were very good.
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  9. chickenmoon
    I have no fit issues with the Oxygen. Fit and comfort is excellent for me, better than most in general and KP in particular.
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  10. miorazam97
    Since you own a T88K, could you tell me the soundstage of it? Possibly a brief review because I'm torn between it and the Oxygen..
  11. CoiL
    Great for You! :thumbsup:

    But in general feedback and by just looking at pics - it is clear that many will have fit issue due to short nozzle and its angle. I`ve had IEM`s in past with very similar shape and size and I know for sure I would be having issues with it. Though, I know also how I might overcome that issue with certain tips.
    Another example with/for my ears is Ikko OH1 - worst fit shape and angle I`ve ever tried! No solutions for that IEM as its housing is just no-go for my ear shape (I have small ears and ear-canals.
    If oxygen had came later and KPE didn´t have lower price + discount I had and oxygen had better shape - I would had jumped on it probably.
    But I`m set with KPE :)
  12. ChrisHeld1989
    I had them two and half years ago. Its hard to remember but the only thing i know is that i am not really impressed of it. Maybe i had the wrong player/dap. The stage was nearly on par with the oxygen but it was not so holographic. The instruments sounds flat. It was like you sit in front of two big speakers but the instruments were not layered. The SW3 was many times better than the T88K. But as i said, maybe i had the wrong player (Onkyo DP-S1) for the T88K. I sold them to a friend and he said, that it was one of the best iems that he ever heard. He powered them on a Sony WM1A. I can recommend you the oxygen. For me it is one of the best iems that i ever heard! :)
  13. chickenmoon
    Well, coming from the KP I had a What moment when I initially listened to the BL1, basically they sounded veiled with significant weight in lower midrange and recessed upper midrange, midrange is quite the opposite to that of KP (and to that of Oxygen to a lesser extent) to my ears. Bass feels relatively flat with some mild midbass emphasis and there is, or rather there was as this seems to be going away, a quite high treble spike. Despite all this they quickly grew on me and I like them a lot now. I have no regret purchasing them. If I am not mistaken, this is the only full range micro planar available, at least for a reasonable price (just a little over £100 with the sale rebates and coupons) and its performance is not disappointing..
  14. Makahl
    Guys, before pulling the trigger I'd like to know how is the sub-bass compared to KPE. Can you guys listen to this song and say whether its rumble and all lows information is comparable or better than KPE?

    Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush

    or this one:

    audio123's review gives me the impression that is better, but others say KPE has more sub-bass but with less bass texture and kinda "dry" mid-bass when compared to O2. So I have mixed feelings about the sub-bass.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  15. CoiL
    All I can say is:
    1) consider Your source gear/amping sound signature in equasion and "add it up" to IEM
    2) be sure about Your HEARING response - if You don`t like a bit raised mid-bass (like I do), then KPE is OK and no need to "upgrade".

    Imho, KPE mid-bass is not "dry" and has great texture, it is just damn FLAT in mid-bass, which is hard feature to find among most chi-fi IEMs.
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