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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. audio123
    Really appreciate it! Thank you. Nice IEMs you have there. Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)
  2. FastAndClean
    Screenshot (251).png Screenshot (250).png
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  3. warriorpoet
    Really enjoying Jeremy Soule on my Oxygens tonight. The track Steel on Steel from the Skyrim soundtrack, in particular, has some serious impact in the lower registers; I swear I can feel it in my teeth. <3
  4. warriorpoet
    Just got the upgrade cable from Tanchjim, this one. There is no reason not to include it with the Oxygen. Everything is bigger, better and more resolving with it, and the cable itself is softer, more pliable, lays better and just looks and feels all around better. It's really not a fair comparison to the standard cable, and if I were to pick between having two cables included in the Oxygen box or just having the upgrade cable included, it wouldn't even be a contest.
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  5. CoiL
    Could You please measure original cable vs. upgrade cable impedances? :)
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  6. HAMS
    Can anyone compare Oxygen with Etymotic? Similar FR and all. Anyway Tanchjim IEM looks dope! I wish their cheaper model has detachable cable.
  7. warriorpoet
    I can measure resistance, which is what I think you're after, correct?
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  8. CoiL
  9. miorazam97
    Yes pleaseeee!!
  10. JM1979
    Marking this thread. I have a pair of Oxygens on the way to me. This will be my first real pair of iems.
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  11. miorazam97
    Please share your impressions and initial review
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  12. warriorpoet
    Original silver cable:
    L 110mR
    R 90mR

    Capacitance 260pF

    Oxygen Upgrade 5N OCC cable:

    L 56mR
    R 58mR

    Capacitance 280pF
  13. bahamot
    Festival Te Deum (Westminster Choir) sounds really good with these IEM. The soundstage is amazing.

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  14. CoiL
    Sorry, but imho pointless "upgrade":confused:
  15. chickenmoon
    Heavy little buggers those Oxygens! :)
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