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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. HiFlight
  2. Makahl

    So Jude covered the Moondrop A8 and Tanchjim Oxygen as good examples of IEMs following the Harman-Target.

    Apparently, for him, A8 has an overall more natural sound and Oxygen a bit more tactile bass. Fit-wise A8 is more friendly compared to the shallow Oxygen fit but both are extremely good value.

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  3. FastAndClean
    wow Jude talking about Moondrop
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  4. Carlsan
  5. OverlordRush
    tanchjim's mascot, you can get the clear file if you make it to canjam SG
  6. toranku
    times are changin', now companies have to use an anime mascot to promote their iems to people who listen to cartoon music
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  7. warriorpoet
    While the stock cable *sounds fine, it's a bit fiddly. I get this upgraded cable for all my lower-end "keepers," and it works a treat on the Oxygens:

  8. Carlsan
    If you want a great balanced cable, catch this one on sale for $70 in a couple of days. It looks great and sounds great.
    Search for this if the link doesn't work:
    NICEHCK High Quality 8 Core Single Crystal Copper Silver Plated Cable
  9. CoiL
    And if You look at HBB video about Moondrop A8 / Kanas Pro / Blessing, then A8 and Kanas Pro have VERY similar FR graph.

    Just sayin :)
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  10. WHO23
    I had a listen to the Tanchjim Oxygen today at CanJam and from my short time with it, it sounds like a smoother Moondrop Kanas Pro. Vocal tuning was smoother on the Tanchjim Oxygen and bass was not as punchy.
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  11. Rocfort
    If you want know O2 well and know how great is this small IEM, please play Billie Eilish "When we fall asplep, Where do we go?" and tell me if another IEM in its money range could play better this unbelievable LP.
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  12. audio123
  13. Nabillion_786
    Great review I have been looking forward to this!
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  14. audio123
    Thank you. Appreciate it! :)
  15. DynamicEars
    Nice review on that beautiful matte black oxygen! always want this but i found it too expensive to spend since i have Kanas Pro and EX1000 between these iems. Maybe next time.
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