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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. warriorpoet
    You notice the guitar and cello detail on that track? It pops out on the O2s like nothing else.
  2. redrol
    @warriorpoet I just noticed we have the same audio devices, I too have a Asus Xonar and the LG G7 ThinQ.

    Have you tried the Kanas Pro Edition? I want more opinions about it vs the O2.
  3. warriorpoet
    I have not; I'm sorry! All I can say is that I'm very pleased with the O2s, but might have considered the Kanas Ps more seriously had HBB's comparo been up when I purchased :)
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  4. bahamot
    It sure is. The vibrations sound really nice.
  5. bahamot
    So I went back to IT04 for a night then back to Oxygen.. Now I'm really thinking of selling the IT04
  6. cn11
    Ha ha ha, once I got to be able again to entertain purchasing a few new IEMs (after a lengthy laid off period), the IT04 was one I thought about getting. Guess not now that have the O2! Thanks for the comparison btw.
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  7. tolisgtr
    Just ordered these, fingers crossed I'm gonna love them!
  8. HiFlight
    I have always been somewhat skeptical of "burn-in" claims of audio gear, but I do have to say that the O2 has, to my ears, improved noticeably in tonal balance and accuracy of timbre. I now probably have around 150 hours of use and each time I put them back in, I get that WOW! feeling all over again.
    If you are a new user, there are very good times awaiting you!
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  9. cn11
    I just don't get how such a di, single dynamic driver, for less than $300, can be so damn good. I'm currently researching an aftermarket cable to use. But I have to say the stock one, as much as some say they think it's cheap, sounds pretty good to me. I tried swapping out for the Moondrop KPE cable, and it significantly boxed in the sound.

    Radiohead's "Ill Wind" sounds amazing on the O2.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
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  10. jant71
    What about the reverse, Oxygen cable on the KPE?
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  11. Makahl
    I wish the linum stuff was a bit cheaper. They look so damn comfy.
  12. bahamot
    Yeah, I only noticed "burn in" effects on O2. Didn't notice such thing on IT01 and IT04.
  13. cn11
    I tried that, but it wasn't nearly as pronounced a difference. Not sure what the science would be behind that, but to me the KPE cable really had a detrimental effect on the O2's sound, and not quite as bad vice-versa.
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  14. HiFlight
    My Linum Bax cable does sound good with my O2. I also have the Music and SuperBax. The Music didn't do much, Bax is way better. My SuperBax is MMCX so I can't evaluate it with the O2.
    I have owned a Whiplash TwAu cable for a number of years, and needless to say, it sounds great with the O2, however it is worth probably twice the cost of the phones.
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  15. Makahl
    FYI there are adapters MMCX to 2-Pins:
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