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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Trebor1966
    Can you please briefly compare the sound quality from dita answer (truth) compared to oxygen
  2. cn11
    Unfortunately I can't, as I haven't had the Dita IEM for a long time. I've purchased extras of their tips over recent years since they work well with many wider nozzle IEMs.
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  3. Rocfort
    I don't understand the problem with fitting due to a short nozzle. Nobody has and enjoy Beyerdynamic Xelento with its very short nozzle? In the picture you can see how short the nozzle is but with the default silicon tip they fit perfectly.
  4. Rocfort
  5. FastAndClean
    Xelento is smaller and more ergonomic, is not hard to see the difference and to understand why(for me, for you is hard to understand, maybe you think that every short nozzle in ear has the same body shape)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  6. Trebor1966
    I only get a proper seal with Xelento with Spinfits - every other tip failed
  7. HiFlight
    I sold my Xelento due to fit issues regardless of which tips I tried. O2 just fits my ears better using my favorite tips.
    Regarding previous discussions regarding measurement comparisons, I would not choose a new car based on pictures, but rather by test-driving them. The pictures might help me decide whether to by a convertible or a sedan, but only by driving could I decide which make to actually purchase. I feel the same about the use of measurements to make audio equipment choices.
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  8. audio123
    I would like to share my take on the bass of Moondrop Kanas Pro vs Tanchjim Oxygen from my listening so far.

    The Oxygen has more sub-bass quantity than the Kanas Pro and there is better extension. The sub-bass reproduction on the Oxygen provides a stronger rumble. The bass decay on the Oxygen is quicker and the extra agility gives it the edge. The bass texture on the Oxygen is rendered with additional smoothness. The mid-bass on the Oxygen is delivered in a punchy manner with a tighter slam. Each bass note on the Oxygen is articulated with strength and the impact is brought out well. The bass response on the Kanas Pro is softer than the Oxygen with a less full expression.

    In my opinion, the Oxygen is better than the Kanas Pro in the bass region. YMMV.

    Other aspects will be covered in my full review soon.

    Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)

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  9. warriorpoet
    These work well together. Alpha & Delta 8 core cable and Comply Isolation 500 tips.

    You can see how much more extension the Comply tips give- they fixed the short stem problem for me.

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  10. SilverLodestar
    Well I *was* supposed to get my Oxygens today so I could compare them to other IEMs, but that’s not happening any time soon... Great job USPS, thanks for delivering my package to the wrong address. Anyone know what to do in this situation?
  11. HiFlight
    If you have tracking information, take it to your local post office. Hopefully they can track it down and get it back to you. I also had the same problem unfortunately I didn't ever get my package back.
  12. Nabillion_786
    I always look forward to reading your reviews as most of the times how you describe the sound is similar to what I hear and also your extremely helpful to speak to! I just received the kpe and am in absolute AWE regarding the sound quality. I personally felt ootb box is sounded thin and the midbass was lacking compared to the subbass. However, to remedy this I used thicker silicone tips which helped improve the thinnest and what really changed the sound for the much better was when I taped both front vents and poked a whole in the middle. Just wow! Everything sounds absolutely delicious, clear, detailed, dynamic and easily the best iem I have with no dispute! I personally feel everyone should try the front vent mod and atleast see how it can change the sound without sacrificing clarity.
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  13. Nabillion_786
    Ahh, that's a big let down, I feel really bad for you! It is generally the responsibility of the seller to get it delivered to you otherwise you should receive a full refund. If I were you I would put forward a dispute ASAP and think about getting your money back as the sellers can be a big pain at times even if it was not your fault.
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  14. bahamot
    Thanks for sharing the song name. Really nice song.
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  15. bahamot
    Quick short comparison vs iBasso IT04:
    - Going back to IT04 makes the bass feels a bit bloated and slow, especially with bass guitar.
    - Vocal's texture is more apparent on Oxygen but might make some recording sound a tiny bit thin.
    - Sound separation on complex song (Aerosmith's I don't Want To Miss A Thing) is better with Oxygen.

    Equipment used:
    - Ipad Mini 4 streaming Spotify (Very High Quality setting) through BT-AAC
    - FiiO Q5 with AM3B
    - Tanchjim Oxygen with Tanchjim upgraded balanced 4.4mm cable
    - iBasso IT04 with Crosslambda's Illusion balanced 4.4mm cable

    Tested song:
    - Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting,
    - Adam Watt's Back To Earth,
    - Aerosmith's I don't Want To Miss A Thing
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